Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mar. 30, 2015 fired from DL, called to ZL

          what a week.

Kyson is right behind the girl in the yellow skirt/white shirt.
9th from the left.

Well not a ton happened that was worth mentioning on the side of the work. we just had 2 baptisms fall through which sucked....

But this week i hit 10 months in the mission! this exact day i also got hit by dengue fever. Its a disease that you get from mosquitos. so i spent the day in bed and in the bathroom. yupp. diarreah like crazy. just water really. also my body hurt so bad. like i had just finished working out with Jesse White and Stan Watts ;) (mom's note: two of the buffest guys on the cheer squad w Kyson at Utah State) also a headache that can't be described and to top it off a fever. It was pretty nasty really. Sister told me to get tonic water and a lime and drink it. also paracetamol. those helped a little but not a ton. i still felt like crap. a little later that day....

President called me. He said that he is opening a new zone. Zona Vila Yara and he called me to be a new Zone Leader in this zone. Yup. 2 weeks as a District Leader and now im moved up? i felt really untrained and really unqualified. but i accepted. i am getting my training today in a little bit. I got a new companion yesterday. his name is Elder Williams. He also is a new ZL and has never been a DL. so we are really new. like REALLY new. also i dont know my area all too well so we will be basically opening the area too. My other companion... well he went next door. He moved into Vila Yara B (which is in the same house) and so now we are still together. He got put with another brazillian. He is going to still teach all the other investigators that he started so we have nothing. just a few contacts. 

Elder Williams is cool. He is from Kansas City, Missouri and has a year and 3 and has been in brazil since august. so its pretty chill. My first American companion :) 

so ya.. my week. not all that crazy since tuesday but still a good week. we´re trying to get this whole zone under control so we can focus a little better on the work and do a good job. ZL is better than DL i think. less you have to try to control. you just get the burning from the assistants haha. 

thats about it. i hope youve had a good week too and keep me in your prayers. im gonna need them this week. tchau! Abraços!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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