Monday, March 2, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 teaching while soaked.

         Zona Batizadora!

So this week is the last week in February In the mission that means get all your baptisms in right now so it counts for the month. Every one in our zone has baptized BUT us. Well... until this week. we have 3 boys who are looking into the church. 2 are brothers and the other one already was prepared a while ago but ran away from the baptism.... Pretty sure we will have at least 2 this sunday to make us the zone who baptizes the most this month! We are one of the smaller zones with only 5 companionships. So this will be pretty cool to do :) Welcome to Zion!

We had one investigator who has recieved the missionaries in his house for over 10 years. The rest of his family was already baptized and now we are working with him. When we had this appointment everything was looking like we werent going to go. We had dinner offered to us and we denied it. Then it started to down pour..... without an umbrella. Usually this would make us turn around cuz people dont like to accept a wet missionary into their house. but we kept going. We got there SOAKED. We had a lesson and invited him to be baptized. So that was freaking great cuz he finally accepted. :D

We are planning a wedding now too. Pretty great when they accepted to get married. I hope it proves to be less problems than koby´s haha. 

(moms note: koby's investigator is expecting the bishop and the missionaries(koby) to pay for the wedding and the dress rental. dress rental is $200 usdollars.)

Ya thats about it this week. Still working lots and gathering the fruit from the seeds we planted. pretty great :) have a good week everyone!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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