Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 9, 2015 baptized 3 and flippin' with a sore toe.

          Cirurgia e 3 batismos! (Surgery and 3 baptisms)

Well... what a week. So things have gotten a lot better with the companion. like turned around completely! we are getting along and talking better than we were. also compromising and doing things together. when we had a division this week something out of the ordinary happened...

I was with Elder Tas, another american from Tennessee, when we took off our shoes he showed me his toe. he had an ingrown toenail that seemed to be growing another toe off of where it was swollen. Well.. out of coincidence i also have an ingrown toenail.. like its pretty swollen and it had started to hurt a few days before. we had agreed to call Sister and have her tell us what to do. she told us to go to the hospital cause there is nothing she can do for that. We went the next day....

Our "city" doesnt have a hospital so we went about an hour to Cotia where we got in and talked to doctors for about 15 minutes (we were there for about 3 hours). They scheduled our surgery for today to pull off our toenail. We wouldnt walk for 5 days. It was working out cause Elder Tas would need it too so we could stay together and our companions could stay together and still work so both areas wouldnt die at that same time. 

(The Mom thinks the bottom toe belongs to Sullivan. 
Top toe belongs to Tas.
At least the mom hopes!!!)

Well we didnt go to the surgery today. President had called us and said that he has found a woman who can cut our toenail and still let us walk right after. We will be going out there tomorrow to get the nail cut. I dont know how she will do it cause my toe hurts WAY bad. i have to wear closed shoes cause im a missionary you know so it just keeps getting worse. if i bump it on anything i am brought to tears and i dont know how this lady will get it off without me kicking her in the face haha. 

Some of the members have been trying to help though so thats good. I was given like a home remedy of like leaves and jungle materials. You make a tea out of it really hot. then put rock salt in it and put your foot in it until it cools down. apparently it was supposed to take out the inflamation. Then rub an oil on it to make it even better. Well i did that and.... it didnt work. so.... it will be a fun day tomorrow.

To add to it yesterday i woke up at like 1:30 in the morning with an upset stomach. without trying to get too graphic lets just say that what ever was inside my body needed to get out. it started with diarreah and was followed 10 seconds after by throwing up. i only had enough time to turn around and flush the toilet before it all was coming out again. Church dragged on yesterday. i was so sick...

But we had some cool stuff happen after church! we baptized 3 boys! one has a mom who was a member and he just didnt get baptized and the others really wanted to but their mom still has problems with the word of wisdom. The baptism was really special and i felt the spirit strong!

Later that night i didnt work at all. i couldnt move. I stayed at a members house and slept for 3 hours. finally we went to a post of health and they gave me some fluid through a needle in my arm to help me recover. all of it was free (taxes) and really sketch. they set me up in a hallway on a chair with other people passing by. like it was kinda awkward but still i feel better today. i am taking some pills to help too.

We had a service project at the church on saturday where i got to tumble a little. that was fun and i was super sore yesterday cause of it. yes i can still do it ;)

This was posted on facebook by one of Kyson's friends who friended me as well.

have a good week! better than i had at least haha

Elder Sullivan

These are some pictures I sent Kyson.

His cheer squad partner/trainer (they shared a flyer (girl) during Kyson's 1st year at Utah State,) friend, and roommate (Kyson's 2nd year at Utah State.)

KC got "beheaded" (revealed to the crowd and retired) at the last home game after being Big Blue for 2 years.

Kyson's other good friend, Caleb, got "beheaded" during a game in February after being "Big Blue" for 5 years!

This is Caleb with Kyson's 1st stunt partner/flyer, Jenna. They are both amazing performers. 
We miss seeing them all. : (

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  1. Thanks for the update. Ingrown toenails stink!