Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014 good pics and mandioca harvesting

          6 months!

Well here we are about the 6 month mark. All is well and ive learned a ton already. Im not quite fluent but i understand quite a bit. I love it here and i love doing missionary work. 

This week was pretty cool. We didnt really have the best numbers but i was happy. Ill tell you a little why. Our area has about a 15 Km radius and has 6 regions in it. Oh.. and we dont have a map.... So getting addresses are a little difficult. Some days we walk up to 13 Km. Some days though.. we get lucky and people will give us a ride. Some times the bus passes and he opens up the back doors so we can sneak on and not have to pay. only when there are few people on the bus. haha. 

We have 2 baptisms coming up! one Is Benedita who is a senhora and the other is Adrian who is 8. They are both really excited and i cant wait to help them progress more!

We had a service project this week. It was out in the middle of the forest. We cut grass, cleaned it up. trimmed a tree.. burned a bee hive, harvested mandioca and planted new ones again, oh and backflips :) we also ate sandwiches so it was a success :)

That was basically our week. ill try to send pics here in a little. 

Tchau! Boa Semana para vocês!!!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

the crew!

its a root that you eat. similar to a potato. Elder Oysten, elder Castilla. our LMA and our 1 councelor. 


                Burning the Bee hive


some other pictures of Caucaia...
and Grilos when it was misty.

some animals.

a spider I caught (why he thinks his mother wants to see a picture of an ugly spider
instead of his face, I will never know...)


Here are pics off the internet to help show what mandioca is:

It's a root, like a potato.

I would eat it!! says mom.

there are more :) hey i have to go. ill take some wicked pictures this week to send. should be pretty cool :) love you! until next week!

hey can you send me pics of me when i was young and skinny? and one of the whole family. i wanna show these people here. maybe something of gymnastics too :) k thanks!

I sent this picture to Elder Sullivan to let him know that 
while we were at the 
state high school football playoffs,
that he was being represented!
 AND that we were warding off the
evil spirits of the venue that shall not be named.

He LOVED it!!!!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov. 16, 2014 crickets and mist

          Grilos *chirp chirp*    (means crickets)

Me in the area. It's always misty like this. Way pretty!

Well... Grilos. You know. For opening an area, we don't have many contacts. My area is really like a farm town. a lot of horses, cows, chickens, and a ton of dogs. I think the ratio of dogs to people is like 3:1. The ratio of dogs in the street to people in the street is like 10:1. So a lot of our contacts are with dogs. haha jk. But really its hard to do a lot of contacting cause the houses are really spread out. Luckily we have had some work done here before. Unluckily is that this area doesn't even have a map. it doesn't surprise me cause have the streets don't have names. Its basically a forest. Ill try to put a pic if the internet works with me. My area is a mix of 5 "neighborhoods" so its a really big area. Some times we have to walk the distance of up to 9 Kilometers to get to our next lesson. It really sucks when they aren't there haha. But the good thing is, is that we are becoming really good hitch hikers ;)

Training is good. Its a lot harder than it looks to give "loving criticism". We are doing good and teaching well but he is really kinda prideful cause of his past and his experience with teaching. Its a little annoying but we will see what we can do about that this week. I've been praying for inspiration to try to help with this problem. anyone have inspiration for me? haha

I'm really excited to be in this area. I believe that the Lord has "elects" for me waiting for me to talk with them. So... i talk with everyone. :) its really cool to see these people start to listen and become that elect that's been waiting for me. Ive already encountered 2 :)

My area is REALLY beautiful. Lots of vegetation and lots of things to admire about nature. God really is wonderful! It's like hiking everyday. Like I'm out in the mountains looking at all the great stuff that we have here. 

In other news our house that was made for 4 elders now has 6. We have 6 elders in this one ward (if that tells you the area boundaries). So we are pretty tight friends ;) Oh and I found out that Spencer Jolley also passed through this area ;)

Love you all so much!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

My comp in the area. it was raining pretty good. w/o umbrella.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014 good pics and Sister Fatima

         Transfers and Baptisms.

Wow a lot happened this week. Lets start with the good stuff!

Ru was finally baptized!!! :D She was my very first lesson here in the field and was my last baptism of this area. The meeting was really good and we made it really special by singing i like to look for rainbows as the 4 elders. Also she got a lot of presents and we even showed videos on the TV. It was really spiritual too! :)

Rome went to the temple this week to do baptisms for the dead. She took 78 of her own names to the temple. When she explained what she had felt and seen the spirit was so strong. She really felt the presence of God and has a really strong testimony. It was fun to see my recent convert go to the temple and do the work for her ancestors. Also im blessed to have a temple here so close to my mission! 

It finally came! My transfer!!! Ive been transfered to an area called Grilos. Which translates to Crickets. Yupp. its in the forest in the zone Caucaia. I heard i will be taking a bus to get to my area every day cuz its pretty far from the home we will be staying in. Oh ya... Im also going to be opening the area. So lots and lots of contacts! To make it better I will be finishing the training of Elder S. Oliveira! So to summarize all this ^^^^ Training, opening area, forest. 

In sacrament meeting this week our pianist couldnt come.. so they called on me 30 seconds before it started to play. i only played the top hand and got a majority of the notes right but hey for not practicing it was basically the hand of the lord. Mom i hope youre proud that your dream came true ;)

In other news i climbed through a hole in a fence to buy a churro in the favela (really poor area) and it was filled with condensed milk. why doesnt america have this? it was probably the best churro ive had in my life. We also painted an entire house. so this week has been packed with a bunch of fun things!

Im really excited about this transfer and the opportunity to train someone else. Opening an area scares me a little but i know that the Lord will help me. Keep me in your prayers as i encounter these new experiences! I love you all and have a good week. until next time!

Elder Kyson Sullivan


and a little look of what i climbed every day. its not called ´cry little boy´ for no reason haha

rom and mig. thats the tie i gave him for my going away present

And Ju and Tati. (ju wants me to baptize her. she turns 8, April 30 in 2016. One month before i leave!)

my planner for this transfer

and a cool picture that a member drew here.

the district im leaving (yupp all elders!)

Brad Carr In todays email my son Elder Carr told us that they were both in the CTM together and they went on splits together this past week. He is the one in the front in the middle.

 This picture was posted by Elder Tewksbury's family. It looks like the same day as the one above.

and Sister Fatima. she gave me lunch about 40 times here in this area. about 10 times every month. She has REALLY good food. i credit my gaining weight to her ;) (this photo was taken today)

(Mother's note: my personal hero on the other side of the world.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014 contacting at cemetary n pics

          Atividade no Cementário

Atividade no Cementario (activity in the cemetary)

So this week was pretty cool. One of the elders in the house had a birthday. we celebrated with pizza and cake. It was halloween where we scared 2 people accidentally. and we also visited the cementary and did over 250 contacts in less than 2 hours. 

This last sunday was dia dos finados. where a ton of catholics go and clean the grave of the person who passed away. Well.. My idea was... there will be a lot of people... who are sad... and need to know about eternal families. so... we went with a little paper and handed them out saying that families can be forever. and did this for a while. we also had a few lessons there and talked about the church and gave out pamphlets pass-along-cards and other materials that we had. we are still waiting for the calls but hey it was a good easy way to have a lot of people hear about the gospel. 

Another thing that was pretty cool was that Elder R. Santos lost his planner... well that wasnt cool. the cool thing was that we had both prayed to find it. (I prayed mostly cause he was throwing the biggest fit and i wanted it to stop.) But ya turns out he had dropped it and one of our investigators that live close by picked it up. when they saw us looking around they ran out with it in their hands! God answers our prayers :)

Also we met a return missionary who is living in Kaysville right now. he is here for work and he baptized a family who lives in our ward. he came and helped us out at the cementary and also gave us a ride to lunch. what a pal. His name is Carl Dixon. been home for about 7 years now. 

Rute is going to be baptized before i leave. well i hope. Its planned for this sunday. please keep her in your prayers that she can be prepared and resist the temptations of satan in being confused and not wanting the church anymore. She was my very first lesson here in the feild and my first investigator! 

This weekend i plan on taking Romenia and Tatianne to the temple to do baptisms! it should be a really spiritual and happy time there. 

Thats about it! with love,
Elder Kyson Sullivan

a little something to laugh at

if our house was any smaller......

me and elder Gshwend repping the states in brazil. 

and me and my companion. 

Sporting the "Bro Tie". 

All his best bros bought a tie like that to take on their missions
all over the world.