Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014 good pics and Sister Fatima

         Transfers and Baptisms.

Wow a lot happened this week. Lets start with the good stuff!

Ru was finally baptized!!! :D She was my very first lesson here in the field and was my last baptism of this area. The meeting was really good and we made it really special by singing i like to look for rainbows as the 4 elders. Also she got a lot of presents and we even showed videos on the TV. It was really spiritual too! :)

Rome went to the temple this week to do baptisms for the dead. She took 78 of her own names to the temple. When she explained what she had felt and seen the spirit was so strong. She really felt the presence of God and has a really strong testimony. It was fun to see my recent convert go to the temple and do the work for her ancestors. Also im blessed to have a temple here so close to my mission! 

It finally came! My transfer!!! Ive been transfered to an area called Grilos. Which translates to Crickets. Yupp. its in the forest in the zone Caucaia. I heard i will be taking a bus to get to my area every day cuz its pretty far from the home we will be staying in. Oh ya... Im also going to be opening the area. So lots and lots of contacts! To make it better I will be finishing the training of Elder S. Oliveira! So to summarize all this ^^^^ Training, opening area, forest. 

In sacrament meeting this week our pianist couldnt come.. so they called on me 30 seconds before it started to play. i only played the top hand and got a majority of the notes right but hey for not practicing it was basically the hand of the lord. Mom i hope youre proud that your dream came true ;)

In other news i climbed through a hole in a fence to buy a churro in the favela (really poor area) and it was filled with condensed milk. why doesnt america have this? it was probably the best churro ive had in my life. We also painted an entire house. so this week has been packed with a bunch of fun things!

Im really excited about this transfer and the opportunity to train someone else. Opening an area scares me a little but i know that the Lord will help me. Keep me in your prayers as i encounter these new experiences! I love you all and have a good week. until next time!

Elder Kyson Sullivan


and a little look of what i climbed every day. its not called ´cry little boy´ for no reason haha

rom and mig. thats the tie i gave him for my going away present

And Ju and Tati. (ju wants me to baptize her. she turns 8, April 30 in 2016. One month before i leave!)

my planner for this transfer

and a cool picture that a member drew here.

the district im leaving (yupp all elders!)

Brad Carr In todays email my son Elder Carr told us that they were both in the CTM together and they went on splits together this past week. He is the one in the front in the middle.

 This picture was posted by Elder Tewksbury's family. It looks like the same day as the one above.

and Sister Fatima. she gave me lunch about 40 times here in this area. about 10 times every month. She has REALLY good food. i credit my gaining weight to her ;) (this photo was taken today)

(Mother's note: my personal hero on the other side of the world.)

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