Monday, March 21, 2016

Mar. 21, 2016 .. 5 weeks left, seeing everyone else reach the end of their mission and sending them home makes me trunky

           a missão tá bombando!

Lunch today.

Well we are sending another group of missionaries out this week. Elder Cinezio and Elder Claudina are in this group. So thats sad to see my dad go and one of my hardest working companions. to let you know how hard this guy works today is his last pday to go and see his areas. he took a bunch of pass along cards to go do contacts..  the guy didnt die... hes a champ. 

But that also means that here in 5 weeks our good ol´ Elder Sullivan will be on his way as well. I would like to say that im not trunky... but i am... Too many companions going home. I have just got my new companion who is the new assistant with me. His name is Elder Cabral. I have to train him to be an assistant and learn the area in 5 weeks. not to mention that we will be having interviews with president where we have to give trainings to all the missionaries. so thats 2 weeks gone. This will be pretty crazy. Anyway my companion is from Recife, pernambuco. He has 5 more transfers.... thats a lot of time.... also.. i dont think anyone is very happy about him being the new assistant. from what ive heard there has been a rebellion in the mission... so..... lets see how it all works out. 

the passing of the phone (its like power of an assistant haha) its like joseph haha

usually i put pictures in the email when i dont know what to say.... 

our zone..

some happy americans with some cheap brazillian micky d´s

This week we had the newbies meeting. it was good. i didnt have a companion yet.. so i had to do the training with Elder Carr. That was interesting.. anyway.. the newbies

enjoy your last 5 weeks cause ill be enjoying mine :) abraço!

Elder Sullivan

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mar. 14, 2016 6 weeks left, sending people home, lots of rain

          As Ultimas 6 semanas, ou seja, 43 dias. 

  (the last 6 weeks, 43 days)

So this week i spent with Elder Willden. It was good and we actually got a lot done. Elder Santana went home on Tuesday and he is now enjoying "member life". So I am now "the lone assistant". Of course i have Elder Willden and Elder Carr. My life would be miserable with out them.

We are getting to the end of presidents mission... And this was foreseen. LOTS AND LOTS  of problems are coming out. A lot of things are going wrong and things are going downhill. We have probably sent like 6 or 7 people home this transfer.. and 2 of them were my old companions... So that was some good/bad news... anyway at this time being in the leadership position its sometimes hard to talk to people that are doing stuff wrong or making bad decisions. I think that is one of the more valuable things that i have learned in this position is that i learned how to correct people without making them angry. Like taking to them and figuring out the details and sorting it all out with them. Its kinda crazy. 

Anyway. so as we were walking one day it started to rain... a lot..... like........ we were completely soaking wet... like when the water goes through your shirt and through your garments and through your skin and you feel like you are freezing cause of the rain. this was this day. you can tell that we are very happy about this.... 

pizza makes everything better. <3

we had stake conference this week. it was good. We got a new stake president. So there was an area 70 there. He talked a lot about going on missions and  being self sufficient. so that was very inspirational. go read Marion g. Romney's talk that he gave in 1982 about being self sufficient. it was pretty cool what he says. 

this is the zone after conference. sorry its blurry. I wasn't the one who took it. 

ya this week was pretty much the same thing as last week. just sending more people home and getting wet in the rain and having pday which is super sacred. I love PDAY!!!!

have a good pday forever. 
Elder Sullivan 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Mar. 7, 2016 goodbye to my companion, Santana

          Killing a Companion part 2

Elder Santana goes home tomorrow. Well.. actually he is basically home already. His parents got here on friday to cruze the town with him. What was worse is that i was with him when he met up with them...

families are forever right? Yup we were pretty much going crazy. But he was so happy, :) so thats great. I got to meet up with them a few times during the days so just think about being trunky haha. 

Also this same day our mamãe got her son, Daniel back from the Germany mission... so ..... ya that was also super trunky talking to them. I was the only one without someone to hug haha ;)

you know when i said he was dead... ya he was dead haha ;)

Inline image 3

so we celebrated with pizza. 

This week was awful on the side of the work. We had 2 multizones and an emergency transfer. Missionaries having crushes on members and having to shut down areas. Well it was kinda nuts. so it took out a lot of work time. And the time we did have to work we were saying bye to the members that Santana liked. It was pretty crazy stuff the whole week.

This is our "brother". Daniel that served in Germany. Yes he is driving.... at least he is a good member that gives the missionaries a car ride! And my temporary comp: Elder Carr. (This week will be Elder Willden) He is super cool and will be helping us out a bunch in the work here!

Elder Santana when his parents called him one day early saying they were in são paulo... he had to sit on ground haha :)

The temple at night :)

Brazillians are funny :) haha

look at who i found in walmart!

The temple at day. 

Waiting for Santanas parents.. he thought we were waiting for president :)

The group picture :)

Santanas going away pizza party :)

This family night was super fun. the young man always helped us do some cool divisions and really saved our days a few times. So we bought him and his family pizzas :) But not just any pizzas... MAGOO 2. Which is the best pizza we know! :)


Some last words to say.. 

how i felt this weekend haha.. We had a good classic wedding celebration this weekend ;)

a burnt offering to the "ex-girlfriend-who gets-married-on-your-mission" gods. It was quite funny and here in 7 weeks we will all see the great video that was filmed making this all come to pass. :) haha.

(Elder Sullivan's pre-mission girlfriend got married this day, so he burnt all the pictures of him with someone else's wife. haha.)

Anyway so that was this week. I hope you all have a great spring break and dont forget to feed the missionaries :) beijos! 

Elder Sullivan