Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct.12, 2015 ward pianist lol

         New Transfer. New Companion.

This week was pretty cool. We destroyed. Like we absolutely just took this week and wrecked it. We started visiting all of our NTM (nem todos são membros = not all are members) and we got a ton of new investigators. Like.. over 20. Lots of families to complete. But we arent just working with them but with our contacts that we do daily as well. We are setting up a lot of really good appointments and just with people that would like to go to church. So we are going to be doing some more inviting and following up this week. 

My companion is Elder Claud. He is from Santa Catarina (the south of brazil) and he is super cool. He has a lot of good ideas and is SUPER obedient. But still its super fun to be here. This area has turned from great to zion. We should be seeing a lot more baptisms here shortly. He has about a year and a half on the mission. So well trained and teaches well. Its so nice to be with people who know what theyre doing :)

We had leadership councel in the mission this week and they brought up some good points to help out the mission so we will start working these things in our zone. starting tomorrow in our soon to be super cool training. Our zone has shot up in all that we do. Everyone is working hard and we dont have bad people in this zone. definitely the hardest working people that i know are here. 

Because my companion left i have now been "called" as the ward pianist. haha. the real one is kinda less active so we´ll see how it turns out.

This week kinda just flew by and there isnt a lot to say really. I love you all and thanks for the support and the prayers. 

Elder Sullivan

This shovel was used at the ground breaking at the são paulo temple like 40 years ago. that was cool :)

leadership councel!

This is a river in my area. those pipes are the drainage from the washing machines and other things like rain water and stuff. This river smells REALLY bad.

FBI = Firm Believer In 

This is a dog in that previously mentioned river...

Missionaries walk too much. #ineedacar

Oct. 5, 2015 baptisms, conference, temple trip, habibs, pizza, bbq, killed a comp

Conference Weekend

This week will be a week of story telling with pictures :) 

Well this our nice District meeting. the last of the transfer. 2 missionaries have died and we are killing one more next transfer. Should be cool :) These guys are really cool and work really hard. Party even harder too haha 

after district meeting we had money to go buy our lunch. Well at our house we have a churrasqueira. Its AMAZING. so with about 12 US$ we bought some meat and some charcoal. it was a good day :)

this is our awesome hammock that we set up for days like this. Poor guy. Walked for 23 months. he deserves a break haha. 

this is our BBQ. 

brazillian bbq :)

look at all this meat! and thats only half ;)

then in the middle of the week we took isabel and jose to the temple. it was isa first time and so Elder Will who baptized her went as well. :) She loved it. 

After the temple some young women from our stake bought us some habibs :) this day was awesome :) 

The next part of the email will jump to conference. We decided that we should buy a pizza. Go ENGLISH speaking missionaries :) 

remember how i said we were done baptizing for a little? well.. that was a lie... This area is too good. Lied was taught and interviewed and baptized this week. he´d gone to church more than 20x but we were just waiting for him to get firmer. Well his uncle baptized him this weekend. Super cool baptism! we combined with 3 other wards and had 3 young men be baptized this week. 

it was packed :)

and that was conference weekend :)

Im going to miss Elder Pha but im excited to get my new companion who is from santa catarina (the south of brazil) and learn more portuguese haha. im done with americans for a while ;) His name is Elder Claud. 

Until next week. :) 

com amor,
Elder Kyson Sullivan

Sept. 28, 2015 more baptisms and temple visits

          how to kill a missionary (send him home)

Well.. we are on Elder Ph´s last week. We have had a good run together. here comes the GH. 6 baptisms. 3 different famílies. Holding the record at the temple for 195 addresses gotten for 3 weeks. Taking a recent convert to the temple. Singing at baptisms and making people cry. and lots of pizza :) haha. He is a great companion and even though sometimes we dont agree we get by. It really makes a difference having someone that can help you along and make you a better missionary. 

We are going to try to get one more this weekend. Yup baptizing at conference :) Lied is a boy thats 12 years old. he´s probably gone at least 20 times to church and just needs to get watered. We are spending this week getting all the ends tied together to make a great baptism. He is well integrated by his aunt and uncle who take care of him on the weekends. They are recent converts and are now taking the rest of their family there too :) Super chill.

Jose went to the temple this week. Wednesday she took 8 names to the temple to get done. Her 2 brothers, her parents, and her grandparents. We somehow didnt have her husband on the papers so we have to go back this week to get it done with her. She LOVED it. oh my she just feels the spirit so strongly. she explained her visit as MA-RA-VI-LHOSA! which means WON-DER-FUL!!! super great! :)

This week we confirmed Lili and joé. they have decided to start reading the BoM together every night. they are already in 1 nephi 16. Super awesome these converts :) 

Ala Pirajussara is baptizing like a champ this month. Every week this month there is one more. You guys remember Káti? well her sister is also in this ward and also got baptized by the other companionship in the area. There are still 3 more potential baptisms in this family :) really a golden family! 

I think i gave you a little taste of everyting that happened this week. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy conference. im betting on a brazillian apostle! ;)

Elder Kyson Sullivan

Clari's baptism :)

Some pimenta i got from a person for free. Its pretty strong :) Pimenta is like hot sauce. Ill see if some still makes it home ;) (Think that only 2 drops is enough for your plate)

Irmã sefa :) too happy :)

The house of the Lord - Holiness to the Lord

He´s telling you to come home!

My companion was a little upset while he was in his mission in the states waiting 10 months for his VISA. hahaha. he draws really well! 

Sept. 21, 2015 two more baptisms


This week we had 2 more baptisms :) WHOO!!!! Lilian and José both got baptized. I really doubted at the first time we met them cause lilian was a super SNAKE (snake: a girl who likes you a lot on your mission and wants to have a relationship with you against your will.) It took us about a month of me telling her that i dont like her and another month to actually teach her the gospel haha. But she passed the interview. And got baptized with her son who is 9. I baptized him and Phair baptized the ex snake ;) 

Pretty cool huh? 

Another thing that happened this week was that we had a multi zone conference and we had a stake president come and talk to us. Something he said was super cool. he said"if your last spiritual experience wasnt your last prayer you need to work on your relationship with heavenly father. pretty cool way to look at things :) 

we also did a contact yesterday and he seemed pretty interested in our message. we talked to him for about 20 min. in the street. He has a wife and a daughter. Perfect! I love teaching families! :) :)

Thats all for this week! :) 

com amor,
Elder Sulliver (how people say my name sometimes haha)

at the feira (farmers market) 21 R$. about 5 dollars. good luck finding that at the states :)

Super hot here right now!

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