Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct. 5, 2015 baptisms, conference, temple trip, habibs, pizza, bbq, killed a comp

Conference Weekend

This week will be a week of story telling with pictures :) 

Well this our nice District meeting. the last of the transfer. 2 missionaries have died and we are killing one more next transfer. Should be cool :) These guys are really cool and work really hard. Party even harder too haha 

after district meeting we had money to go buy our lunch. Well at our house we have a churrasqueira. Its AMAZING. so with about 12 US$ we bought some meat and some charcoal. it was a good day :)

this is our awesome hammock that we set up for days like this. Poor guy. Walked for 23 months. he deserves a break haha. 

this is our BBQ. 

brazillian bbq :)

look at all this meat! and thats only half ;)

then in the middle of the week we took isabel and jose to the temple. it was isa first time and so Elder Will who baptized her went as well. :) She loved it. 

After the temple some young women from our stake bought us some habibs :) this day was awesome :) 

The next part of the email will jump to conference. We decided that we should buy a pizza. Go ENGLISH speaking missionaries :) 

remember how i said we were done baptizing for a little? well.. that was a lie... This area is too good. Lied was taught and interviewed and baptized this week. he´d gone to church more than 20x but we were just waiting for him to get firmer. Well his uncle baptized him this weekend. Super cool baptism! we combined with 3 other wards and had 3 young men be baptized this week. 

it was packed :)

and that was conference weekend :)

Im going to miss Elder Pha but im excited to get my new companion who is from santa catarina (the south of brazil) and learn more portuguese haha. im done with americans for a while ;) His name is Elder Claud. 

Until next week. :) 

com amor,
Elder Kyson Sullivan

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