Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan. 18, 2016 One Hundred Days and KFC

          one hun´ed dias 

Well... We hit the 100 days left mark. Thats great. We are working hard and trying our best to find people to teach in this awesome place next to the temple. We have some of the best places to teach the gospel. like in the temple garden or in the temple waiting room. I dont think anyone else could have that experience or that spirit. Its super awesome :)

almost as awesome as a secretary on PDAY. haha

We told everyone in the mission about a new challenge that we sent out. its 1000 contacts and 3 baptisms per area in the transfer. our super cool District Leader made us this flag. Kia Kaha = forever strong. no its not portuguese haha.  The post with the arrow is the number of contacts we have til we get to 3000. like in mulan when she needed to climb the post. it was a really good idea of his!

ya so... we are doing fine. the hardest part of the area is probably planning.. and getting rejected so much. So help me if i get rejected at home as hard as im getting rejected here my life would be miserable haha. Everyone already knows about the church. So thats nice. Planning is hard cause no one lives in our area. and the area book has already been beaten to the ground by how much we have used it. At least we still have KFC. 

Happy assistant PDAY. 

lots of love,
Elder Kyson Sullivan


the striped one is for Koby. i called him and he told me to get him one. (yes.. my phone is really good and can call anyone in brazil.. so i called him and asked him about the shirt. maybe we are breaking a few rules haha)

(Koby is in Piricicaaba, just an hour north of Kyson, but Koby does not have any stores to shop at to get souvenirs and to top it off, Walmart just shut down the store a block away from him.)

Jan. 11, 2016 Living it up while I can (enjoying Brazil to the max)

         Living it up while i can

Well.. Im at a year and 8 months.. so that means here in about 3ish months im back home. That's a scary thought. Not the thought of having a phone, and work that pays, and being able to walk around alone but not being able to come back. Im living it up while im here you can be sure of that. 

This week we had some awesome numbers. Even though we had to give 2 trainings and my companion was in Cotia for 2 of the days. We had to have the leadership counsel of the mission and it was super different being on the other side of it all. We gave a training on how to be a good leader. No stress right? haha

the next training was for the new missionaries. That was a little harder. But in the end it was all good. everyone participated and we had a good time. 

On Wednesday i didnt have a companion.. so one of the coolest Young men did a split with me and he walked from 12 til 9 at night and then even helped me plan. this dude is a champ. and will be a great missionary. (ps... this would have helped me so much before the mission. too bad our ward doesn't have missionaries...)

Nilton is progressing wonderfully.. except that he will probably move this week.... we are doing everything that we can to stop that. but its not working out too hot. so we decided to baptize him on Saturday before he leaves haha :)

good week to you all! 
Elder Kyson Sullivan

our mission is next to the temple so we are taking advantage of our view haha

the assistants :)

i would like to apresent to you the companion of Elder Sullivan... Elder Wazowski.

He is a really good baptizer! 

My convert that we met up with at the temple! 

Jan. 4, 2016 Let's take a tour of my area. Pictures!

          Saudade de dormir (missing sleep)

Well... that week flew by... let me tell you a little about my area.... 

So my area is the area of the temple and above. so if you can think of all the people that have already heard about the church and all the people that "think" that they know about the church you have the right place. Ya its kinda rough. Its hard to find someone that lives here and that wants something.. but ya we are trying our best. 

the week was spent walking around, doing contacts and trying to find some cool people that would accept us :) Lets take a tour.. 

Some of the few places 

Estado Morumbi. São Paulo Futebol Clube. Yup. my area. 

hospital Albert Einstein. thats pretty sick. 

Here in brazil anyone of these houses are huge. Even in the states it would be a big house. Did you count the people in the streets? Well if you saw one they dont live in my area. They just work for the rich people haha. 

So we are working our tails off and we are planning trainings and still we have to keep up on our area. Most of the nights after following up we finish about 10:20. Then finding time to do anything else is impossible. I think i got to bed at 10:30 only one time this week. We had to finish up some trainings and plan for the next day and there isnt enough time to do all we need to do and still be obedient. Its a rough life. 

We had a few miracles happen this week. And in this area... its really miracles...

Miracle 1: Im not sick. Its been raining the entire week and i dont use umbrellas. So im in the rain a lot. but thanks to the lord he has blessed me with health :)

Miracle 2: For new years president freed up Just Dance for our zone to have a little party. That was super fun :) and a miracle haha

Miracle 3: We did a contact with a man on the street on saturday and he said that he had been in the hospital for 32 days. He said he´d go to church... and he did :) We´ve already taught him with the Elders Quorum President and he is marked for the 24th :) besides him we had another person who came late to church saying that he wanted to get to know it. He works in piracicaba but lives here. (Koby ill be sending you a reference so that you can teach him while he is gone alright? haha) So ya another miracle! We also had 2 other people there that we took with us. So... 4 people that went to church. for this area thats super good! Last transfer the most they had was 1 so really we had a good week :)

Miracle 4: I have from 1 til 6 for pday today haha ;) 

We are trying to work more with the members to get them to help us out in the proselyting. we are passing by and asking for tips to make them feel important. Also we are making them help us out on the references haha.

have a good week and happy new year :)

Elder Sullivan

Our party. ice cream of jubuticaba. 

my dad: Elder Cinezio is my zone leader. cool right? haha

yup tell everyone back home that Andrew is breaking the rules ;) haha just kidding. he had permission from president! Smart kid! 

They tried doing 2016 with their hands haha

St. Geezy!! Yup he is my zone leader too haha

we got 50 mattresses in the office so we took them and put them out front to watch the fireworks.

happy 2016!!! :)

Dec. 28, 2016 Became the new Assistant (AP)

          Christmas and a New Year

Well.. Rumors are rumors. I just got to the Mission Office as the new assistant of the SPO mission. Super cool but i feel like its going to be a lot of weeks without a pday haha. I already have to do the trainings and the transfers and welcome in the new missionaries and all that stuff.. so it should be super cool. 

Ya so we took on a bunch of rain this week but it was good. we were able to find some good families to teach :) I went on a 2 day division to help an area. That was really good. We were able to do a lot of work and take away all of their excuses for not being able to do the work right haha. 

English is slowly leaving me... i have been forgeting words and not being able to say many things. My new companion is Elder Santana. He is super chill. He works really good too. The good things about being assistant is that your companion is one of the best missionaries in the mission and your area is the example of the mission. So that should be fun to get to know this week. 

We left the area baptizing :) haha Gustavo got baptized this weekend and it was super cool. His sister would have been baptized too but she wasnt up for telling us she wasnt ready and so she stayed at her aunts house and didnt come back for her baptism. kinda sad but its all good. They´ll baptize this next week.

Thats all for this week! My life is going to be crazy! Pray for me! haha
Elder Kyson Sullivan

photos to come......

O Rodnei

my going away party :)

the change of assistant ceremony haha

this is what i look like emailing you guys if youve ever wondered... haha

My new Companion ELDER SANTANA... we joke with him and call him elder santanas haha 

the old zone

baile de favela here! haha 

Gustavo with the magic suit that makes you look skinnier haha. cool baptism! :)