Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan. 11, 2016 Living it up while I can (enjoying Brazil to the max)

         Living it up while i can

Well.. Im at a year and 8 months.. so that means here in about 3ish months im back home. That's a scary thought. Not the thought of having a phone, and work that pays, and being able to walk around alone but not being able to come back. Im living it up while im here you can be sure of that. 

This week we had some awesome numbers. Even though we had to give 2 trainings and my companion was in Cotia for 2 of the days. We had to have the leadership counsel of the mission and it was super different being on the other side of it all. We gave a training on how to be a good leader. No stress right? haha

the next training was for the new missionaries. That was a little harder. But in the end it was all good. everyone participated and we had a good time. 

On Wednesday i didnt have a companion.. so one of the coolest Young men did a split with me and he walked from 12 til 9 at night and then even helped me plan. this dude is a champ. and will be a great missionary. (ps... this would have helped me so much before the mission. too bad our ward doesn't have missionaries...)

Nilton is progressing wonderfully.. except that he will probably move this week.... we are doing everything that we can to stop that. but its not working out too hot. so we decided to baptize him on Saturday before he leaves haha :)

good week to you all! 
Elder Kyson Sullivan

our mission is next to the temple so we are taking advantage of our view haha

the assistants :)

i would like to apresent to you the companion of Elder Sullivan... Elder Wazowski.

He is a really good baptizer! 

My convert that we met up with at the temple! 

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