Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan. 18, 2016 One Hundred Days and KFC

          one hun´ed dias 

Well... We hit the 100 days left mark. Thats great. We are working hard and trying our best to find people to teach in this awesome place next to the temple. We have some of the best places to teach the gospel. like in the temple garden or in the temple waiting room. I dont think anyone else could have that experience or that spirit. Its super awesome :)

almost as awesome as a secretary on PDAY. haha

We told everyone in the mission about a new challenge that we sent out. its 1000 contacts and 3 baptisms per area in the transfer. our super cool District Leader made us this flag. Kia Kaha = forever strong. no its not portuguese haha.  The post with the arrow is the number of contacts we have til we get to 3000. like in mulan when she needed to climb the post. it was a really good idea of his!

ya so... we are doing fine. the hardest part of the area is probably planning.. and getting rejected so much. So help me if i get rejected at home as hard as im getting rejected here my life would be miserable haha. Everyone already knows about the church. So thats nice. Planning is hard cause no one lives in our area. and the area book has already been beaten to the ground by how much we have used it. At least we still have KFC. 

Happy assistant PDAY. 

lots of love,
Elder Kyson Sullivan


the striped one is for Koby. i called him and he told me to get him one. (yes.. my phone is really good and can call anyone in brazil.. so i called him and asked him about the shirt. maybe we are breaking a few rules haha)

(Koby is in Piricicaaba, just an hour north of Kyson, but Koby does not have any stores to shop at to get souvenirs and to top it off, Walmart just shut down the store a block away from him.)

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