Monday, February 8, 2016

Jan. 25, 2016 3 months left and stunting missionaries

         1 year and 8 months

Well.. this is it. The home stretch. These last 4 weeks have flown by and so i cant even imagine how fast these next 14 will go. Some might say that im a little trunky.. well.. i am. But the focus is on the work! Dont worry. I just like to think about what i will do when i get home and can work and hang out and hug who i want haha ;) Only 3 more months and ill be home. So yes. Everyone can be trunky for me. 

This week we found an investigator "of the hour" or "really cool". She is "married" to a really really really rich less active. They went to a party at a church in a different stake cause a member that worked with them invited them. My companion happened to be working that stake. 2 weeks later he got transfered to here in morumbi. Turns out that this guy that he recieved lives in our area. Also that his "wife" wants to get married in the temple. Also that they went to church on sunday :) Everyone loved them! like a ton! they are super cool and they said that church didnt even feel like 3 hours. Which is a sign that they liked it! We will be teaching them again on thursday or friday. When we went we took another rich family to integrate with them. they are 3 houses down so that will be nice for them all. 

Nilton is progressing. He had some problems with the 4th question and so we had to delay his baptism for this week. He will have the interview on wednesday and already we have a family night planned with the bishop for tomorrow. Should destroy! Finally we will have a baptism here! :)

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

we enjoy making a scene at district meeting

now if i can do it with them... i can do it with anyone... haha

this is what you call "borda de chocolate". CHOCOLATE BORDER!!!! 

wheelchair races with daddy haha

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