Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb. 1, 2016 good food w pics insta style (foodies)

         craziness in the mission office.

this week is crazy... i dont have much time.. being here in the the office you learn about all the things that you never want to learn about. so we have been busy trying to control all this... 

this week was awful. at least we found one new investigator haha. It was even a reference! that was the first time that i have been here that a reference has gone right. haha. 

Our baptism this week fell.. he didnt feel ready. He didnt go to church that day... so that is super sad.. we were pretty bummed.. :( we´ll keep working with him but i dont think he´ll be baptized in a bit. its hard here cause there arent many people that want to know who we are. Some good news is that one of my recent converts in Campo Limpo baptized her last daughter yesterday. We were super happy. She is super cute (dont worry she is only 8... haha ). I wish i could have gone but i didnt have time. President let me call them and congratulate them. So it was nice to talk to them again. 

here are some good pictures to take up the space that should have been filled up with words.


our cool BBQ :) 

for dessert he made a roasted pineapple covered in cinammon sugar :)

the gang...

a poem for you portuguese speakers

just remembering the promise that the more rain you take on.. the cuter your wife gets.

one side of the road... a haunted mansion

the other side...

look at the size of those leaves!!!!!!

Magoo 2 again... this pizza is heavenly and fattening. Thanks Magoo!!!!! 

you have to get pizza with a chocolate border! we dont ask for pizza if they dont do borda de chocolate! :)

and some good ol SP graffiti for you guys too. 

some hats that ill be sporting when im home! ya they´re sick. 

one more Pday at 25 of march. 

waiting for the food! its that pic in the background....

ya it was super good and super fattening. id go again. :) 

PDAY with the assistants 

thats all for now. I hope you got some good healthy entertainment. Just know that im doing good and my workout program will start now. I bought a jump rope to help out :) I hope you all are doing well and that you are excited for the last 3 months. sorry for the short email but next week will be better..

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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