Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb. 8, 2016 pizza is happiness

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Well this brings us to the end of our transfer. 6 weeks in Morumbi. I mean we had a fun time and the ward is cool. I am super unexcited to do the work here. like.. our happiness is pizza. haha thats why there are more pictures of pizza than baptisms. think about inviting someone to eat a delicious cake that you know is super great. And everyone you invite says no. think about it. You spend your entire day inviting and all you hear is "no." im tired of it. leaving the house is a pain, talking to people is a pain now, knowing everyday that you will spend the whole day on your feet is a pain. Its just a lot faith testing here. I only ever felt that i had a good area in Campo Limpo. Alright i feel better now. 

We had a miracle happen here! on Sunday a person that we did a contact with during the week showed up at church! So that was awesome. and to end it up our other miracle Nil just moved. He is now out of our mission. but who knows. maybe one day he´ll be baptized. 

This week is Carnaval. which in other words the days that the elders stop working so Satan can go all out. Think of a week of iniquity that everyone except Mormons celebrate haha. Anyway so we were told to go home earlier to stay away from this kind of stuff. So we were on our way home when the sky decided to fall. The lightning was so strong and so close I jumped a few times and was so scared I even ran most of the way home. Like think about almost dying. Then think about almost dying by lightning when you dont know when or where it would strike. Those were my feelings haha. 

Like always, some pictures for you to help me sum up my week.

Elder Kyson Sullivan

this is our district

this is our zone

the blessings of being close to the temple

who wants to do a pyramid? (btw it was not my idea....)

temple and rain...

have you ever seen so many americans so happy?

yup. happy americans.

thats my companion!!!


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