Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feb. 16, 2016 9 more sacrament cups (it's a countdown)

          só mais 9 copinhos   (just over 9 cups)

Yup. we´re down to 9 more sacrament cups. 10 weeks but 1 of those weeks is conference weekend. Hence the time is coming to an end!
Well to start off the email i have a few happy birthday shoutouts. 1st to my dad. way to go man! youre getting old! 2nd to Kash. he hits the big 18 on the 19th. And also to my companion who is now 21. That was fun to be able to celebrate his birthday with him. Our lunch had fell through that day so i had called up some people to make the day a little more special. that included a BBQ lunch and cake and all sorts of stuff :) the dude is great and deserved a good birthday :)

we had all sorts of meetings this week. Tuesday was the transfer so we had to train the new trainers and match them up with their companions. also was our pre-conselho meeting with president to plan for thursday
Wednesday was district meeting and also our partied for E. Santana. And thursday was the leadership councel meeting. It was for all the leaders. Usually just the ZL and Sister leaders trainers come. but this time we included the DL and gave a training for them too. So lots of planning and stuff to do in just 2 days. Finally friday til sundaywe had a normal time working. If you wanna know how someone would feel after all of that you might be able to see a little from these great shots...

dont worry.. we take turns sleeping so the lesson goes on :) 
a few shots from the meetings to come....... aguarde...
fun fact. this week was valentines day. I asked Elder Santana if he would be my valentine. We got a beijinho from a member that was really tasty. Its like a coconut drenched in sweetened condensed milk. but a little more denser.

after a long day at work there is nothing like coming home to take off the tie... 
anyway on the work side of things it picked up a little bit for the little bit that we got to work. We found a family of 4 with 3 over the age of baptism. So that has its promises. It was a reference from a member so we have our hopes. They arent married though so it will take a bit for the baptism to come through. 
Youve got more pics coming your way so keep your head up!
Elder Sullivan

pday today....
temple trip!

museu do futebol!

this is for koby

gordon hinkley came here for the temple party :)

some sp graffiti

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