Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 29, 2016 trunkiness is contagious and 7 more cups

          killing a companion  

Well... we are on our last week together as companions. Elder Santana´s parents are going to come spend some time with him starting on friday. talk about getting trunky! freak! so from friday til monday Elder Santana will be with his parents and brother and go cruzing são paulo. His dad also served in são paulo and they even passed through the same ward! how cool! so that will be great for him. There is only one problem. He is leaving 2 weeks before the transfer ends cause he has to do a test in his college or he gets booted out. and here in brazil is a lot harder to get into the schools than it is there. So i will get a temporary companion for 2 weeks before my new companion is here. And when he gets here i only have 5 more weeks! Yup. im going home on a 5 week transfer. :)

Yesterday my companion was saying bye to everyone and so that was great. We haven't baptized anyone together and he went without baptizing but really the change that happened in the ward was HUGE. The Elder that was before me had kinda killed the ward. so when i got there we had the plan to gain the confidence of the ward again. So that was a huge accomplishment. Also we were able to reactivate a less active family. so that also was super great. she is going through a really had divorce and has a son thats named Moroni that isnt a member. Yup. There is a guy who has a book of Mormon name but isnt a member. Guess what? He likes the guitar, he studies, he plays soccer like a Brazilian and he plays LOL (League of Legend). He is super chill. The only problem is that he isnt "ready" to commit to the gospel. He likes the world too much. But he already lives most of the commandments. We have raised the standard of contacts in the mission from 8000 per week to over 12000 a week. There have been many great accomplishments that have been put together but not baptizing has really kinda been a bummer. We have worked so hard but it hasnt come together. 

This week was a little crazy. On Tuesday we had a second pday.... We went to district meeting and then we went to lunch... and then we went to choir practice. yup. Sister Del Guerso had signed us up to go and sing at an event as "helping hands". so all day Tuesday we practiced and performed. It was pretty chill. I was able to talk a lot with Elder Mayfield (a neighbor from our ward in the USA) and get to know him better. 

Then on Wednesday we had a meeting with all the sisters in the mission.... talk about the great apostasy. There was a moment when all the priesthood left cause they were talking about health. Of course the men ran away haha. anyway it was a good meeting. inspiring for the sisters. i was up so late putting together the powerpoint that i was just glad it was over haha. 

Other than that we worked normal and we were able to get some good numbers this week. Im super happy today was pday. we were needing it. Tomorrow and Wednesday we are going to have 2 more meetings. MULTIZONA!!!! in this multizona it will be my last. so i will be giving my leaving testimony. Yup... thats trunky... haha.

To give you any idea of this week it will be like this... Monday - pday, Tues - multizona, wed - multizona, Thursday - normal, Friday - Santana´s parents get here. So ya... i know i killed phair a while back but that was when i had like a year and 4... now that i have a year and 9 im dying of trunkiness.... i dont know how i will survive.

To make it worse our "mamãe" of the ward also is waiting on her son to come home on Friday. So after hanging out there with them and Santana im done for... haha. Everyone's crazy and its contagious haha. (Kyson wrote to me, his mom, and asked me how I was doing since he only has less than 2 months left. hahaha. "I'm doing fine. Hang in there!" I said)

Anyway... picture time!  

Pedrão - this guy is awesome. he was always going out with us.... then he got into school... haha

Free advertising? just need a paper!

birthday milkshake with prezi   #APhasadvantages

mamãe e papai, família von walwitz!

reunião das sísteres

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