Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016 the sky is falling and 8 more cups


Talk about getting trunky... there is nothing worse than killing someone while you are almost dead. Man... its brutal. But the work goes on. 

In the summer time here its the time of rain. so it goes from being fairly hot to "oh my gosh the sky is about to fall on my face" raining.

here is an example...



(these are snap shots from a video i took. one side was sunny and happy. the other side was rainy and scary.)

So ya the rain kinda messed with us a bunch this week. After looking at the black sky no one dares leave their house. Just the missionaries haha. Im really banking on the promise of "the more rain you take on the more beautiful your wife will be". 

We had a crazy lady go to church yesterday. She kinda shows up out of nowhere then disappears for like a month. Ya she showed up yesterday. We marked to have an appointment with her tomorrow but she will probably cancel. She is really good at canceling on us. haha. We spent some good time quite a ways away from our normal working area. here are some pictures.

It takes about an hour to walk to this bridge from the temple. This hour walk is my area...

proof that i went there haha ;)

We were going after the lost sheep. thats a member list in my hand. We didnt find anyone. It was all super disorganized..... crap...

Well thats the week for now. This next week we´ll be having a few more meetings and running around trying to get these things handled and taken care of. Some fun stuff to be ending the mission. 

Good luck, Have fun!
Elder Kyson Sullivan

How we get baptisms in our area... haha

A guy in a hammock.. can you see him? he was like 30 feet in the air.. Just chilling. Probably smoking some weed haha.

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