Monday, March 21, 2016

Mar. 21, 2016 .. 5 weeks left, seeing everyone else reach the end of their mission and sending them home makes me trunky

           a missão tá bombando!

Lunch today.

Well we are sending another group of missionaries out this week. Elder Cinezio and Elder Claudina are in this group. So thats sad to see my dad go and one of my hardest working companions. to let you know how hard this guy works today is his last pday to go and see his areas. he took a bunch of pass along cards to go do contacts..  the guy didnt die... hes a champ. 

But that also means that here in 5 weeks our good ol´ Elder Sullivan will be on his way as well. I would like to say that im not trunky... but i am... Too many companions going home. I have just got my new companion who is the new assistant with me. His name is Elder Cabral. I have to train him to be an assistant and learn the area in 5 weeks. not to mention that we will be having interviews with president where we have to give trainings to all the missionaries. so thats 2 weeks gone. This will be pretty crazy. Anyway my companion is from Recife, pernambuco. He has 5 more transfers.... thats a lot of time.... also.. i dont think anyone is very happy about him being the new assistant. from what ive heard there has been a rebellion in the mission... so..... lets see how it all works out. 

the passing of the phone (its like power of an assistant haha) its like joseph haha

usually i put pictures in the email when i dont know what to say.... 

our zone..

some happy americans with some cheap brazillian micky d´s

This week we had the newbies meeting. it was good. i didnt have a companion yet.. so i had to do the training with Elder Carr. That was interesting.. anyway.. the newbies

enjoy your last 5 weeks cause ill be enjoying mine :) abraço!

Elder Sullivan

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