Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mar. 28, 2016 my watch will beep at home the next time-- 4 weeks left

         1 year and 10 months to the date.

I programmed my watch to make a cool beeping noise when ever i make it one more month in the mission. Ive heard it 22 times and the next time will be in my room and ill probably be sleeping when it goes off at 8 in the morning haha :) Yup we are hittin that last month! 29 days. I don't know if I've told you guys... but this week we have leadership council. The 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15 we have interviews with president where we will spend the whole day doing trainings for the zones/mission. Then on the 20th i have CASP which is like a class where you learn how to do interviews and include your mission into your work life. Then im done working after the 24th. This whole week ill be doing a division in Perdizes. Which is like the middle of são paulo. So next week we should be getting some cool pics :) 
So really with all that i have about 14 days left in my area... with another 3 pdays.. 11 days.. my time is coming to an end.......... This Sunday i will experience my very last conference in the mission. WHOOOOOO!!!!!! The mission is a blessing but... Home is also a blessing. Im super excited :) 
This week was a little crazy. A bunch of my really loved friends went home. I had like 3 or 4 companions in that group. They are all home now and enjoying the blessings of the mission and kissing their girlfriends and sending me pictures... so thats great. 
My new companion is really "liking" the area. Its not really the greatest area in the work but we are really trying out best with the members now. We are going through the whole list of members and visiting them and asking them to take a person to church. Asking could be like telling them to or challenging them or threatening them to take someone with them. So it should be cool. I made a little shirt with our name and telephone numbers on it. On the back it has magnets for the members to put on the fridge and when they have references or a service project they can call us cause they have our number. I can safely promise my companion that we will not go home hungry. All the members are really nice here and really rich so its some quality crap they give us :)
the shirt (with half our number... taking away tempations haha)

Alright also this week our blessed Gabriel was baptized in boiling water! and in a different ward. He was super prepared and it was super great to see him at the ward really well brought together by everyone. there were people from the 2 wards there to support him. The kid is awesome :) 

this kid is going on a mission. he has to go. It was a super good meeting and the guy was boiled to death. They forgot the heater... so we spent some time filling up buckets of normal water and dumping it in the font. the first time ive ever heard of a font being too hot haha. 
Anyway today we went to a shopping in the center and we got some cool stuff. This is us on an escalator. 

in front of the stadium of the palmeiras. 

the thing i bought today. hows that koby?

More pictures....
some of our favorite past times...

we like fire :)

 These are my socks after a day of rain.. My shoes have holes in them... so.... only the bottoms and sides get wet. the tops stay dry though. you can feel bad for me... but my wife is going to be freaking smokin!

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