Monday, April 25, 2016

APRIL 25, 2016 THE LAST EMAIL from the mission field

          Goodbye and ´Til We Meet Again

Sao Paulo, Brazil Temple

The last email. 

^^^ That deserves its own line.

Some may say that "It is finished." I say that the work goes on but I just leave. I have a big love for this work and all that comes with it. I am so grateful that i was called to serve here in brazil. I now see why i was needed here and why i got my call. I was able to develope my talents and my abilities. I was able to develope more fully my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and learn of its simplicity and of its importance. I love the gospel and I love this church. These 2 years were but a small donation to the Lord. 

This week basically we just went around saying bye to everyone. During the week we were able to say bye to everyone in the ward. And yesterday president let us go out to an area with our companion and say bye to another area. I went out to Campo Limpo in pirajussara and said bye to a lot of people. Lots of byes and sad moments but i was able to get their information and able to keep in touch with them. 

We found a freakin prepared young woman this week. Like. super prepared. and im leaving. probably will be baptized next month. She is the sister of a recent convert that moved from belém but will live here for a while. so they will probably baptize good next transfer. 

Ya thats basically all i have for you guys this week. A lot of strange feelings but ill be happy to be home. :D

the new assistant.. Elder Dohnal (the passing of the phone ritual)

I was leaving church on sunday and i told Elder Cabral to take a picture of me ending my mission. I was acting like i was taking off my nametag haha ;)

it was a super pretty day!

just getting ready to come home :) 

 me and president

 the group and

That's a wrap. See you on Wednesday :)

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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