Monday, April 18, 2016

April 11, 2016 T-15 days = Trunky x 10


Think about being trunky. Then go a little further. I´m basically on my last week of work. But this week I´m not even going to be in my area until Saturda. I´m going to be a traveler and go to a different area. Im not sure which one yet but it should be a good one... cause its the last one :) This last week I´ve been doing "interview-with-president" trainings and going to all the zones and training about some things like the 8 steps to baptism and reserves of people and other stuff lie the entire area book. So like... its almost 3 hours of listening to the same 2 people give a REALLY long training. Theni do it again with another zone. So its basically the most boring and monotonous (Im surprised i remembered that word) thing.

Some cool things that are happening in the area is a sweet service project that the RS is doing for a hospital. They are making bed sheets for them and donating them for the hospital. They asked for sewers to come and help. They wanted our presence because its for the entire neighborhood to come and help and they wanted them to associate the church with us. So.... We went. basically just to carry the heavy boxes full of sheets and to talk and motivate the sisters. Little did they know that i was packing the heat and started sewing also! :) That surprised about everyone... Even myself when i even remembered how to thread the machine. So thats good news! I also got a few references from that for when i get home.. if you know what i mean ;) haha 

Mom got this great picture from Sister Damiani

i was actually doing it and not just posing for the picture either ;) haha
One little piece of advise for everyone is to treat your companions like they will come back to the mission while youre still on the mission and have to see you everyother day. Yup. Renan Santana the great came and visited us for this whole week! He is super cool and is rocking a sick beard. here are some entertaining pics...

oh... and then he had to make me even trunkier than i was and got himself a girlfriend... well i can say i was a little jealous that i had to share him ;) haha

today we went to 25 de março and bought some cool stuff. some more pics cause they are easier...

this was my lunch.... holy mortadella! 

anyone need to park their motorcycle?

there might be some room in between these two.... Its pretty crazy how packed these guys are! 

So thats my week everyone! i hope you enjoyed the email! They are coming to an end so keep smiling :) 
have a good week and love for everyone!
Elder Sullivan

Here are some pictures mom found on the internet. She stole them or borrowed them? Enjoy!

Santana's going away party?

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