Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Apr. 4, 2016 visting lots of my friends + I MADE THE CHEER TEAM

         the time is coming to an end...

Hey everyone. This week was pretty awesome but at the same time i wanted to kill myself. I spent the week in Casa Verde A. This is the new Chora Menino, my first ward that I served in. The ward got closed down and divided into 2 other wards. So this week I was able to go back for 2 days to help train the newly called district leader. I took advantage of them needing the training and I volunteered myself to go back to my old area. I was able to see almost all of my converts. 2 are still going strong and 1 is trying to make it back. 3 are children that I'm sure would like to go back but their parents won't let them... 1 of those parents is a convert of mine that was somehow hurt by something when she made a year of membership. She was getting ready to go to the temple but then in the end, fell away and took her son with her. The other 2 are children of a less active. I wasn't able to visit them because their dad made it clear that I needed to stay clear. Haha so I didn't go there. But I was able to see everyone that I missed. Here are some fun pictures to see. 

i got to have lunch with Fatima both of the days that i was there haha. :) she still feeds us REALLY well haha

Romênia and Miguel. They were my first baptisms :) I really miss them!

Rute is firm as ever. She is getting ready to go to the temple. She is having a harder time in the older member classes but she is still going strong. 

Some last members that i really liked. We have Tatianne squatting and her daughter julia giving me a side hug. Also with Daniel who was my ward mission leader in the ward and his family. 

julia cried and cried when she found out that i couldnt baptize her... She turns 8 on the 30th of april... i go home on the 26th and that was super hard to break it to an almost 8 year old.... so... ya anyway we agreed on me skyping her on her baptism and watching it. also i have to keep writing her so thats super great :) 

This week I also was in Cerqueira Cesar (Elder Mayfields area) and they got me pretty good with a prank. They told me that a member was an investigator and that he had a lot of questions. Well... They got me good for sure. I spent 20 minutes trying to answer his questions and make the gospel make sense. Well... I failed and would have cut him so hard that he wouldn't have accepted the missionaries again for many years. It's a good thing that he was already baptized :) that division is unforgettable. Eating Pizza and sleeping on an air mattress that doesn't hold air so every 2 hours I was awake pumping it up again. Then throwing up the pizza that I ate at 3 in the morning was a blast as well. I had a good time with them haha.

We had conselho de líderança this week. (Leadership counsel. Sorry I forget sometimes that you guys don't speak Portuguese...) it was alright. I feel like we were able to talk to everyone and get some good advice from all the zones about what could be done differently. So it went well. We had all the tables in a U shape which is different from our normal in the chapel meetings that we have. So all in all, it was good.

Conference was amazing. Especially cause it was the last one in the mission and said a lot about marriage and being a husband and making a good family. As well as temples and Temple marriage and all that good stuff. So I feel really inspired right now ;) haha. Something that I liked a lot is that a few people said that when we draw closer to God he draws closer to us. I really have felt that through these last 2 years. 

also... look at who came and visited us this weekend! 


Elder Santana came back and was surprising everyone saying that he was a reference that was going to go to church and making everyone super happy and then super sad when they found it was him. But then we were happy again when we found out it was him :) Hes been chilling with us these last few days. Super chill :) 

Basically thats it for this week. Ill be peacing out for now and feel free if you guys want to help me out with some references. If its within Utah ill contact for sure. Just looking to have a "dream" (Robert Hales). Peace out and love to you all.

Elder Kyson Sullivan

Oh and one more little detail.. I MADE THE CHEER TEAM!!!! :) 

thumbs up cause im happy :) haha this year is going to be way awesome!!! haha

Mid week picture: this kid just got to the mission. He is from my home town!!

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