Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mar. 14, 2016 6 weeks left, sending people home, lots of rain

          As Ultimas 6 semanas, ou seja, 43 dias. 

  (the last 6 weeks, 43 days)

So this week i spent with Elder Willden. It was good and we actually got a lot done. Elder Santana went home on Tuesday and he is now enjoying "member life". So I am now "the lone assistant". Of course i have Elder Willden and Elder Carr. My life would be miserable with out them.

We are getting to the end of presidents mission... And this was foreseen. LOTS AND LOTS  of problems are coming out. A lot of things are going wrong and things are going downhill. We have probably sent like 6 or 7 people home this transfer.. and 2 of them were my old companions... So that was some good/bad news... anyway at this time being in the leadership position its sometimes hard to talk to people that are doing stuff wrong or making bad decisions. I think that is one of the more valuable things that i have learned in this position is that i learned how to correct people without making them angry. Like taking to them and figuring out the details and sorting it all out with them. Its kinda crazy. 

Anyway. so as we were walking one day it started to rain... a lot..... like........ we were completely soaking wet... like when the water goes through your shirt and through your garments and through your skin and you feel like you are freezing cause of the rain. this was this day. you can tell that we are very happy about this.... 

pizza makes everything better. <3

we had stake conference this week. it was good. We got a new stake president. So there was an area 70 there. He talked a lot about going on missions and  being self sufficient. so that was very inspirational. go read Marion g. Romney's talk that he gave in 1982 about being self sufficient. it was pretty cool what he says. 

this is the zone after conference. sorry its blurry. I wasn't the one who took it. 

ya this week was pretty much the same thing as last week. just sending more people home and getting wet in the rain and having pday which is super sacred. I love PDAY!!!!

have a good pday forever. 
Elder Sullivan 

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