Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014 contacting at cemetary n pics

          Atividade no Cementário

Atividade no Cementario (activity in the cemetary)

So this week was pretty cool. One of the elders in the house had a birthday. we celebrated with pizza and cake. It was halloween where we scared 2 people accidentally. and we also visited the cementary and did over 250 contacts in less than 2 hours. 

This last sunday was dia dos finados. where a ton of catholics go and clean the grave of the person who passed away. Well.. My idea was... there will be a lot of people... who are sad... and need to know about eternal families. so... we went with a little paper and handed them out saying that families can be forever. and did this for a while. we also had a few lessons there and talked about the church and gave out pamphlets pass-along-cards and other materials that we had. we are still waiting for the calls but hey it was a good easy way to have a lot of people hear about the gospel. 

Another thing that was pretty cool was that Elder R. Santos lost his planner... well that wasnt cool. the cool thing was that we had both prayed to find it. (I prayed mostly cause he was throwing the biggest fit and i wanted it to stop.) But ya turns out he had dropped it and one of our investigators that live close by picked it up. when they saw us looking around they ran out with it in their hands! God answers our prayers :)

Also we met a return missionary who is living in Kaysville right now. he is here for work and he baptized a family who lives in our ward. he came and helped us out at the cementary and also gave us a ride to lunch. what a pal. His name is Carl Dixon. been home for about 7 years now. 

Rute is going to be baptized before i leave. well i hope. Its planned for this sunday. please keep her in your prayers that she can be prepared and resist the temptations of satan in being confused and not wanting the church anymore. She was my very first lesson here in the feild and my first investigator! 

This weekend i plan on taking Romenia and Tatianne to the temple to do baptisms! it should be a really spiritual and happy time there. 

Thats about it! with love,
Elder Kyson Sullivan

a little something to laugh at

if our house was any smaller......

me and elder Gshwend repping the states in brazil. 

and me and my companion. 

Sporting the "Bro Tie". 

All his best bros bought a tie like that to take on their missions
all over the world.

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