Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014 good pics and mandioca harvesting

          6 months!

Well here we are about the 6 month mark. All is well and ive learned a ton already. Im not quite fluent but i understand quite a bit. I love it here and i love doing missionary work. 

This week was pretty cool. We didnt really have the best numbers but i was happy. Ill tell you a little why. Our area has about a 15 Km radius and has 6 regions in it. Oh.. and we dont have a map.... So getting addresses are a little difficult. Some days we walk up to 13 Km. Some days though.. we get lucky and people will give us a ride. Some times the bus passes and he opens up the back doors so we can sneak on and not have to pay. only when there are few people on the bus. haha. 

We have 2 baptisms coming up! one Is Benedita who is a senhora and the other is Adrian who is 8. They are both really excited and i cant wait to help them progress more!

We had a service project this week. It was out in the middle of the forest. We cut grass, cleaned it up. trimmed a tree.. burned a bee hive, harvested mandioca and planted new ones again, oh and backflips :) we also ate sandwiches so it was a success :)

That was basically our week. ill try to send pics here in a little. 

Tchau! Boa Semana para vocês!!!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

the crew!

its a root that you eat. similar to a potato. Elder Oysten, elder Castilla. our LMA and our 1 councelor. 


                Burning the Bee hive


some other pictures of Caucaia...
and Grilos when it was misty.

some animals.

a spider I caught (why he thinks his mother wants to see a picture of an ugly spider
instead of his face, I will never know...)


Here are pics off the internet to help show what mandioca is:

It's a root, like a potato.

I would eat it!! says mom.

there are more :) hey i have to go. ill take some wicked pictures this week to send. should be pretty cool :) love you! until next week!

hey can you send me pics of me when i was young and skinny? and one of the whole family. i wanna show these people here. maybe something of gymnastics too :) k thanks!

I sent this picture to Elder Sullivan to let him know that 
while we were at the 
state high school football playoffs,
that he was being represented!
 AND that we were warding off the
evil spirits of the venue that shall not be named.

He LOVED it!!!!


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