Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec 1, 2014 6 months! what?

          Disappointing week

Well this week was both really good and really bad. Our baptism that we had lined up moved. the day before the baptism. she said she would still be around but we are waiting to get the address to send the other missionaries there to baptize her. 

I also hit 6 months! thats good. only 3 more times ;) I celebrated with ice cream and a Reeses. 

Thanksgiving here sucks. Well... actually its pretty good for not even existing so..... 

Something that messed up our week was a service project. they always take a ton of time and we never get to leave when we´d like. its worse when they give you lunch after cuz they make you stay until you finish until you can eat. They play dirty ;)

So we take a bus everyday to get to our area. we also pay for it every day. its about 5.20R$ every day. That adds up to about 64 R$. We only get about 130 R$. So i asked president for a little reimbursement. Wow you would have thought i killed someone. Finally after about 2 weeks he gave us a little help. He paid for half of our traveling expenses. so thats good :) I was really angry at him for a little cuz he was being so stubborn, not for not giving us money. but for excluding us. Everyone else was getting money, but not the guys who had to take a bus everyday. So that was fun this week haha.

One day we missed the bus and had to walk to our area. We were already about 30 min from our house for lunch and we still walked another hour and 20 minutes to get to our closest part of our area. It wasnt one of those naturist walks either. haha

The work is slow but im still happy. Im loving this area for the clean air. The city is pretty bad. I´ll try to get some pics out if the computer will let me. have a good week!

Elder Sullivan

The computer hates me today. Until next week!

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