Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec. 15, 2014 practicing my English

         Yet another transfer

Well... Here we are about a week from christmas! ya im so excited to see my family!!! so.. feliz natal todo mundo! whats sad is here there are some churchs who dont even celebrate christmas cuz they dont worship christ. so its not really a big deal down here. 

When it rains here we lose service. we were 3 days without calling anybody. that made it interesting for lunches. also in the rain we walk in mud. It makes for hard work. no one likes a muddy missionary. I really dont shine my shoes except for sunday cause its so much work to shine muddy shoes. 

We had a ward christmas party this week. It was not what I expected. We got there, had lunch and left. like there werent any activities to do and no one talked or anything. of the 80 members about 30 went. and 6 were elders. like it was a weak party. just a barbeque and some frisbee. 

We found an investigator that will do something finally!!!! her name is Nai. She is about 16. and her gma ve. We left a pamphlet about the restoration and she read it. Not only that but answered the questions in the back. Not only that she saw the references to the BoM and one of her family members had already recieved one. so she started reading that without being asked. I think she will be baptized. The only part that is hard is that she lives about 30 min by bus from the chapel. thats money and time. and they are a humble family. 

My companion is a little crazy. He doesnt help a lot with the paper work and doing the contacts but he is getting better. also he talks in his sleep. we can get him to say or tell us about anything. Like make animal sounds or tell us the pin to his debit card. and whats funny is he doesnt remember any of it. when we ask him the next day the look on his face is priceless :)

sorry no pics today im on a crappy computer. 

btw im practicing my english with the other americans here. i dont want to have to trip on my tongue to speak to you guys haha :) (really its been a problem.. you know forgeting my native tongue. its getting  better though :) )

have a good week! i love you all!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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