Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014 I need a Dr!

         Week of Christmas and of 7 months!!

Feliz Natal Todo Mundo!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

This week was pretty good. We had our mission christmas party that was fun. It was in my area in the sitio. Its basically jungle and everyone seemed to like it. I thought it was boring cuz its where ive been working for the last month and a half haha. We made skits and did other activities. Look for the shout out on Facebook that me and Elder Mayfield did. They said it would be going on there. 

One freaking amazing thing that happened when i got there was an elder had found Dr. Pepper. He even gave me a sip. I cried so hard from happiness. ;) haha first time in 7 months!

Something sad happened this week. we lost 2 elects. One is 14.. we just found out that she has a husband.. well not legally. theyve been living together for 2 years now... what the heck brazil? Our other one decided that she will move to northen brazil. why do people do this? haha. Our area is really hard so president gave us 2 more neighborhoods closer to the chapel so we can get some good work.

We are getting ready to move into our new house. Its about 40 min walk from our other house but it will put us in the edge of our area so we can do work at night. 

We found an elect by hitch hiking. so its a good way to do some contacting ;)

We got a new bishop last week and we are pretty excited. He is doing everything right and even is helping the elders!!! a big change from the last one. 

Have a merry christmas! I'm stoked to talk to some of you guys on christmas! I've been practicing my english for you ;)

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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