Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec. 8, 2014 w great pics

          A good week

A lot of good and cool things happened this week so sorry if the email misses a few details. This week we started working in an area thats never had work in it before. so it was just contacts all day. Lots of new people that are showing interest. a problem is that half of them cant read so reading the BoM is a little difficult. we swing by and read a chapter with them and help them understand. 

We had a baptism this sunday. it was of the ward but we also reactivated this family into the church again. so that was a good acomplishment :) 

One day i was on a divisão (splits) and we were walking down the railroad. well we found corn. so we picked it. still waiting to cook it but it should be good :) and free. :) also i got a cool picture. ill send it to you now. 

One of the companionships wanted a hair cut so they  thought it would be a good idea to give the other one a hair cut for free. well he messed up and made a bald spot on his head. luckily for him Elder Sullivan has a mom who taught him to cut hair and he made it better. (didnt fix it all the way but its the best i could do). I cut the other dudes hair too and he felt bad so he put a bald spot on the same place on his head so the other didnt feel too bad haha. what a good comp.

Oh also this sunday i lead the music. Elder Oyston played the piano so that was pretty cool. Music by the Elders!

That was the big stuff that happened this week. lots of people gave us pizza. thats always fun to get pizza for free :) i think it was them saying sorry for never coming with us for visits. 

Well its been a good week and i hope this week is even better! thanks for the support!

Elder Sullivan

a dude riding a cow like you would a horse. only in my area.

some of the only christmas lights ive seen. its by a pond so the reflection was cool. 

selfie with a goat :) only in my area.

a cool looking pregnant spider. it was really big. when i smashed it it exploded. :)

a pic of ad. and his mom and dad.

one of the many beautiful roads in my area.

another one:

Mom is glad to see there is a need for that rain jacket finally.


the hair cut, haha

the haircut fixer, haha

Smashed some money on the train track and will send it to my brother, Koby, who is serving up the road a few hours away!

Cool trees in Brazil.

My area is mostly farm lands.

I'm sure this picture is for his mother!!!!!

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