Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oct. 28, 2014 language is hard

5 Months! 

Welcome to 5 months in the field. i still like it i think and its getting easier everyday. 

i forgot to note what i want to write on so i will share an experience. One day i asked God if this church was true and to show me a sign. you know thinking like an investigator and not for myself. well the next day we went to a lesson and a group of evangelicals showed up with a pastor and everything. I know what koby means by this prayer cuz they were all yelling and crying and shouting haleujah and amen jesus and look at me god! it was a little crazy and i didnt feel any sort of the HG. So that was a fun answer to a prayer ;)

Ru is a real struggle. she has a testimony. knows the BoM is true. likes the church. but her daughters are really giving her a hard time about all of this. So we have her marked for the 9 and are planning a really big baptism for her!

We are also planning a contacting activity this sunday. its like the cinco de maio of brazil. so its going to be in the cemetary. talking about the plan of salvation and doing a lot of contacting. should be pretty fun and we are getting the ward involved too. whats even cooler was it was my idea :) go inspiration!

The language is proving to be a challenge for me. its getting harder rather than easier to communicate and i am getting a lot of blank stares recently that says that they dont understand. well. im going to study really hard this week! 

Thanks for all the support and the prayers! i love you guys and hope you have a good semana!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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