Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct. 20, 2014 baptisms n pics


This week we had 2 baptisms! Vini and Gab! They are way wild and wanted to swim after the baptism was over. haha. crazy kids! 

Today we went to the tallest building in sao paulo. it was way cool! lots of buildings every where! pics to come.

This is E. Gschwend. He is from Texas, and is the zone leader right now.
They go on splits a lot and Kyson really likes him. 

I practiced spanish this week a little. was a little different but i think i will stick to portuguese until i can get fluent at it. its coming better and everyday i see a little improvement. there are still a few rules that i cant get a hang of. 

I made eggs with rock salt cuz an argentino told me to. well.. not really. he said the salt was on the shelf on the box when really it was in the cupboard. kinda funny but they were way bad. he ate them all  and was grimacing the whole time. i threw mine away and paid him for the eggs ;)

Elder Santos isnt any better with getting ready in the morning. He is really stressing me out cuz i want the members to like us and they dont like lateness. what a fubeca. 

Work is feeling a little monotonous these days. but the days are going on and on. Almost to 5 months! thats a little crazy to think about! Not much happened new this week besides that stuff ^^^ Have a good week everyone!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

p.s. can i say how cool it is to have a brother in the same STATE on a mission too? like what are the odds? its like im in st. george and he is in filmore. que legal!

This is a Brazilian BBQ. Churraco. Courtesy E. Mayfield.

The flavelas is the poorest part of town. 
According to the Elder who took this picture, 
the flavelas are being torn down and these red, green, and blue buildings are 
going up in their place for the homeless to live in. Courtesy E. Iverson.

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