Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar. 17, 2015 fixed my toe and found some Heaven at the LDS bookstore.


So this week felt like P-week. haha We had pday, then the next day was our toe appointment. 

We didnt get home until like 9, so no work. the procedure was really quite cool how she cut the nail. She put some cotton on it with some liquid to make the nail softer. Then she took some sort of medical knife and cut the toe down the side where it was ingrown. it didnt even hurt. she then pulled out the part where it was stuck inside my toe. it looks like a shark tooth.. ill send a picture! 

The next day i was feeling so sick and the other elder that went to the toe doctor with me couldnt walk cause his toe was hurting pretty bad he couldnt get shoes on. so.. it was basically another p-day. that day sucked... i felt like a loser haha. 

On thursday we had our Mission Tour. Elder Costa of the quorum of the 70. That was really cool and really spiritual! one of the things that i loved was when he told us to just put ourselves in the hands of the holy ghost and he´ll guide us where we need to go. 

(The mom feels like this is a nice humorous spot to add this picture!!!)

The other soda is A&W root beer. The mom has a hard time believing that Kyson is the one drinking the root beer. He has craved a Dr. for 10 months!

We met a reference that we got a while ago. he was never in his house but we kept passing by. one day we found him in the streets and invited him to semanary. he went! like we only invited him the one time. he went to church and now they are getting him ready to be baptized this sunday! Our mission has a challenge called march 5 which is to baptize 5 people in the month of march. that area will definitely get it!

We had transfers today. Im finishing writing today cause yesterday when we were writing the internet fell and we didnt have power. so president said we could come in today and finish writing. I got my new companion Elder Ba. He is way chill and way cool and i already love him! I got transfered out of the jungle and into the city. 

I am in Zona Rochadale in area Villa Yara A. I was also called to be a District Leader! :) I have 4 areas in my district and even the elder who trained me is in my district too! Im so excited to be able to help these elders in any way i can. 

Yesterday we said a lot of goodbyes. they were pretty hard. The area was hard but the ward was really loving and helped me grow a ton. they did so much when i need their help and it was hard to leave. 

The name of this dessert escapes me!! (the mom)

No, it doesn't, I am just not going to repeat it!!! LOL

It is
chocolate covered marshmallows!

Sorry i took a while to get back on. Its been a crazy day already. Full of fun times already. But now its time to get to work and get to know this new area! Should be pretty fun! there are a lot more people here in this area than there were in my past one so it should all go fine! 

I love you all and thanks for all the support and love you send my way!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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