Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mar 24, 2015 Back to Sao Paulo, and back to the temple!

          1 week in Vila Yara

This week has been absolutely crazy. Like there were so many things to do but i feel like we didnt do anything this week at the same time. 

My new companion is elder Barros. we call ourselves the gordinhos gostosos. cuz we are both fat ;) haha He has been the biggest help to me as a district leader. he has basically been the companion to the DL for about his whole mission. (8 months) and has been keeping me in the path. He is really funny and loves this people. He works really hard and is really obedient. Just think about the dream companion that you would want and he is it haha. This Area is a prime area. We hit the standard this week and this is normal here. so many people to talk to and its going really well. Just a really good plan everyday. 

I love this new ward too. Like i dont think ive ever eaten so much in my life. they are really nice to us and help out with all we need. Also we have been getting references which hasnt been happening here before too. so thats a good change for the better. Go new missionaries!

We went to the temple today so thats why we have pday on tuesday. I love the temple and my other zone didnt go so its been a while. i definitely feel rejuvenated from these past months! The church really is true :)

As a LD i had my first District meeting, training, and interview for baptism. They all went well and i didnt mess up too bad for my first week. Something funny in this district is that im the DL of the ZLs. Also my trainer (Elder Cinezio) is in my district too. I have new people, people who are going home soon, people who have been in the area for a while and the new DL. Its been pretty cool to take on new responsibilities and be able to grow a little more as a leader and see the mission in a different view. 

Like i said a lot happened but its hard to get it out in english. Let alone sum it all up. I love you all and thank you for the support and prayers that are sent my way. Have a good week!
Elder Kyson Sullivan

yup.. i went there :)

my snake (a girl who likes you on your mission)

my companion. it was his bday. we had lots of cake this day :) ill be spending my bday with him too :)

my first experience with american food in brazil. BK. of course with an american haha

brazilians and duct tape curiosity

i got a guitar from a good friend :) thats pretty sweet :)

meu companheiro no predio    (my companion on the building/roof?)

gordinhos gostosos ;)    (chubby delicious? haha google translate)

we rented a van for our zone to go to the temple.

pinked tied missionaries

brazilian selfie.
 (the 2 that live in the same house with me. 
theyre from pernambuco). 
(northeastern Brazil)

my companion got 6 letters and a package... wheres mine????? ;)

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