Monday, March 16, 2015

Mar. 16, 2015 don't know why, but only got 15 minutes on the computer

This is everything that we heard from Kyson this week. He got on and responded to our letters, then nothing, nothing, nothing. He just disappeared!

Dad says: Kyson your toe looks very pain full!

ya im working on cutting it better now. ill send the pics of them cutting it and the huge nail that was inside me haha

the cool thing about them cutting it was that it didnt hurt and i could walk with shoes on right after she cut it! pretty neat stuff!

Dad says: congrats on the baptisms! Does your ward members keep them active?

ya this ward does a great job with it. they already have family home teachers, and they are well in with the YM already so its going good. they are some cool boys and are doing well.

love ya dad!
Elder Kyson Sullivan

Picture mom sent to him of his 2 sisters: front in pink, and back with tongue out, and his 3 neices waiting for a hotdog picnic to start.

Kyson: it took me a good 30 seconds to realize that the girl in the front was kamarie.... like when did she get so big??????? holy cow!

i miss a good american hot dog. the hot dogs here suck.......

love ya! Kyson

Mom did find out from one of his very good friends on facebook that is in his current area that he is being transferred tomorrow. Otherwise, I would not know anything.

These are the pics the friend sent to the mom.

Cutest decorations for a baby birthday party!!!

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