Monday, March 2, 2015

Mar. 2, 2015 zone picture


          9 months?

what happened to 8 months? finally the time is picking up. i knew it had to happen and now its going good. :)

our zone did baptize the most this month. a little bragging there for you guys. unfortunately we didnt get to baptize cause they weren´t quite ready. we should be baptizing this week if all goes well and they follow through with our invites. We are visiting them everyday to try to keep them focused and strong to not let satan get a chance to tear them down before sunday. Another thing.. our wedding got canceled cause they thought it was too fast. but the woman went to church yesterday so that was good. she didnt seem to like it very much so on thursday when we visit them next we will know more about it. 

My companion is a little weird still. He went on a streak of not taking his scriptures with him... like what kind of missionary doesnt take scriptures? youre not a missionary without scriptures. he didnt ever plan or study or wake up cause apparently it is my job to call him to plan or to wake him up. my reply... im not your mom. this week ive been praying that we could fix this thing that weve been having. ive been trying to be more patient and doing the things better that said that bugged him. one day we were fighting all the way down to the chapel (about 40 minutes from our house) and when we got there i told one of the other americans about my companion and how he likes to break the rules. he told his companion (the DL) and he called us both in and talked to us individually. so that was good to see that our DL will do something. then the ZL called us over to their house after the meeting and we had basically a forced inventory. we were able to tell them all the stuff that was bothering us and now we are doing better. like a ton better. We are doing more work and communicating better and he takes his scriptures now and the lessons go better too. 

so this week was good and bad. ups and downs but it turned out alright. 

i hope you have a good week! 

Elder Sullivan

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