Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015 the burning

          Queimação (burning)

So this week was cool. we got into our house a little late one day and we got burnt by 3 people. our DL, our ZL, and the assistants. So that was a fun night. 

To make it better we went to a different area on friday to watch a wedding and a baptism that elder Garcia helped prepare. So we were supposed to go to the mission home to sleep at 930. well the baptism hadnt even happened at 930 so we stayed and Elder Garcia didnt get it authorized like i had said, and so he got burnt again by president. That was fun to hear about haha. But we got home fine and i slept on the ground again... that too was fun. i was so tired i didnt even notice really. 

We had 3 people in church this sunday. 2 we didnt even invite. one of the investigators brought him along and the other was there with his family. i didnt think they would ever go to church but something changed and they went and now we are going to work with the man of the family. 

Also the YM/YW were in a campout cause of the carnaval so we didnt have a pianist sunday. guess who played a rocking sacrament meeting? yup i did :)

So thats basically it this week. everyone burns us and we live on the outskirts of everything. its great! have a good week :)

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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