Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015 prayer rock problems

          a week where nothing and everything went right

Well this week was pretty interesting. I got my new companion. Elder Garcia. He is from Lima, Peru and is a little annoying to be honest. Like he tries to take control of all the situations without talking about it first. But we teach really well together. like there wasnt the awkward ´how do you teach´ time that there usually is. 

We taught a ton of lessons. which was kinda a miracle. Like i didnt think that it would be possible because everyday our lunch got pushed WAY back. like over 2 hours 4 days this week. Sometimes its the buses fault. other times they forgot, sometimes its both. like its been a crazy week. but still we were able to teach all of our investigators and mark 10 of them for baptism the frist of march! Yup this day will be a day of baptizing até o pó! 

Some cool things that happened...

One of our investigaters (tal) that we have been teaching for a while never was praying but always showed a lot of interest. So.. .i gave her a prayer rock. you know that one that you put on your pillow to remind you to pray? yup. i did that! Well the next day she was pretty mad cuz she did hit her head on the rock haha. but it worked and she said a prayer and went to church and now is wanting to get baptized!!!! it should be a cool day. 

Another family, Mar and Andr (sister of tal), are really special. we found them this week and we are going to get them married and also help her to quit smoking. they are really receptive and love us coming over to share a message :) they went to church this weekend too and they really liked it!

I was so happy to finally have some investigators who would go to church. its been a while and now we finally have our fruits of our work that we have been doing. ah its so nice :)

anyway thanks for the support and the love and the prayers. send me a letter. dont do drugs. pray everyday and have a good week :)

Elder Kyson Sullivan

My new scriptures and leather scripture covers:

                   (Mom and Dad bought these for the Christmas presents. Kyson was transferred out of the area where th person makes them, so he had to wait till he made a trip back to Sao Paulo to pay for them and pick them up.)

The backs of the scpriture cases.

It was quite the process to get the picuturs all picked out and the edges and backs and sides and everything, then add in it was all through email one week at a time for two missionaries.
Haha Happy Valentines Day!

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