Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015 cups of apostacy

         Last memories

So this week is transfers. Elder S. Oliveira will go to a new zone and i will stay here and get a new companion from peru... so this will be interesting. his name is Elder Garcia...... well see how it goes.

So this week on pday i forgot the keys in the ZL house. its a good 3 Km from our house. We had an appointment at night so when we got home it was too late to get the keys. so... we learned that its possible to hop our wall, and climb through the window to get into our house. Luckily i was a cheer leader and we left our window semi open haha

We get rides in the back of the trunks of cars. Look at the pic. That was cramped haha.

this is how we roll ;)

Also we have a pizza night planned tonight to send him off good :)

Not a lot happened this week. We got a ton of new investigators and a few accepted to be baptized. We are going to work hard with them to see if they really will do what we ask. 

We had stake conference. It was good but took out a lot of time in the field.

And we had french toast in a FHE. It turned out really good and brazillians seem to like it a lot :)

french toast for lunch. i was pretty tired of rice and beans haha

love ya and have a good week :)

Elder Kyson Sullivan

a tuchan :) da hora!

our best investigator. we teach him a lot!

one of the families that we visit. they always give us coke :) its the best! last time of elder so we took a pic.

my cup demonstration to teach about the apostacy.
and jesus

Jesus died and went to heaven

we kill the apostolos too. everyone removes a cup

the church falls into apostacy.

Everyone gets the cups and builds their own church. without Jesus of course. this helps them see that the authority was lost and that lots of churches were built that werent Jesus´ church. pretty neat!

a sunset from our house.

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