Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan. 26, 2015 no water for 5 days

          8 months and 5 minutes

So i kinda didnt schedule my time well so here we go. 

We had an investigater go to church this week! she said she really liked it and will help us get the rest of her family to go too. should be a lot of baptisms coming up :)

We were without water for 5 days this week. that was fun. and smelly....

We gave a blessing that was really sketchy to a lady in the ghetto in the jungle where we possibly could have died. haha

We made french toast for some members. They really liked it and we are planning to do it again for a family home evening with some investigators. 

Look up the fruit Açaí. 

There are a lot of crazy people here in brazil from some weird churchs. 

Thats my week in like 3 sentences. Love ya!
Elder Kyson Sullivan

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