Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 19, 2015 read the Livro

          Week 33

Well not a lot happened this week. It felt like it flew by though... 

We had interviews with president. he showed me the numbers which is a little weird cause im not anyone important like a zone leader. just a senior companion. so im a little scared for this next transfer haha.

We painted a house. 

Um... like i said not a lot happened. We are training the young adults in my ward how to be missionaries and making them more excited about serving. I think its working. We are training them in the lessons and then we are going to their friends house and teaching them. so we get a reference too. thats fun :)

President challenged us to read the Livro de Mórmon by april. When he announced that i was almost done with alma......... now im in 2 Nefi haha. He is having us pay attention to the parts about prayer and supplication. so its turning out to be pretty cool :)

Um....oh i have a new way to teach the first lesson. Well about the church of Jesus Christ and about the great apostacy. its with cups. You stack them up and talk about the apostles dying and then the church falls. I'll try to take pictures this week so you guys can see it. then everyone tries to build their own church with the cups that have fallen. so everyone has a part but not the whole church. its pretty cool :)

Thats about it. love ya guys and thanks for the prayers and support! 
Boa semana e até próximo!!!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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