Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan. 5, 2015 the elects, special ones


Well this week was freaking awesome. We had really good numbers and found a ton of people to teach. The last week we had about 97 references. This week we went out and contacted almost all of them and have been returning to teach them. Its been going good and we have been having success.

It all started with a training from Elder Castilla. He is a champ. He did it on love and how if we don't have love, we have nothing. if we have love and we even struggle to get our message across they will see our love and want to change and will understand that we want the best for them. Then a couple days later we had a split with the presidents assistant. He showed me how to love and how to get things rolling the right way. We had a ton of lessons and found a lot more people to teach. We found 4 hopeful elects. We taught Kel one time and she is catholic. She doesnt go to church cause god hasnt told her to go back. When i talked about the BoM she stole it out of my hand. I think she will read haha. were going back today. :) Ro and San are troopers. We had a lesson with them on saturday from a contact. I said we´d like to come back another day and leave a lesson with you guys. or right now. She invited us in. her mom used to be a member. We gave them BoMs and somehow got on the subject of the word of wisdom. turns out she has been trying to quit for a while. We asked her if she really wanted to quit. She said yes. I said give me your cigarettes. SHE DID. (first time i had ever touched ciggs btw. hello sheltered utah mormon haha) We invited them to go to church with us the next day. They said they would. I didnt believe them cuz everyone says they will but dont. THEY DID.  and they brought their friend too!!!!! We hadnt had someone in the church for a really long time and with one lesson we had 3! One of them had never even heard about it before! Way crazy this week! (Oh i forgot to say that it was a 50 MINUTE WALK to the church that they did with us. Thats why they are troopers :) )

Well new years was good. We had a fun time just eating food and playing games. When it was the new year it sounded like i had entered a battlefield. Like so crazy nuts. Everyone bought fireworks and I shut all the windows cuz i was scared some drunk guy would throw one in our house haha. 

Ya thats about it. It was a fun week and it kinda dragged on a little. but I had a good time :) até próximo! Until next time!

Elder Kyson Sullivan 

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