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Dec. 29, 2014 w pics

          Prospero Ano!

Hello everyone! i hope you all had a great christmas like i did :) I enjoyed talking to my peeps on skype and had a fun time catching up a bit.
So a little about my christmas. The big celebration is on christmas eve. they have a big dinner and light off fireworks. ya its a party! We had so much food at the members house that we didnt even know where to start. There was turkey, ham, roast beef, all sorts of salads including green bean, potato, and the regular and even had some american dressing! My favorite parts were the ham with a pineapple i put on top and a pomegranit that they had there. Ah i cried like 3 times just eating haha. After we sang some karaoke and ate some more food. I was so trunky. 

We skyped at a dude named j p. well its j p. but you get the idea. His family is from the congregation of christ which doesnt celebrate christmas. i dont even know how that is possible..... but they dont. he is the only one in his family. so he was way happy and willing to let us go to his house to talk to you guys and celebrate a little with him :)

This week we were challenged to get more contacts and references. i took that to heart. we went to town with the references. I have this activity called noahs ark where you have the investigator write down the people they want to save from the rain. We ended up with 97 references this week. our goal was 15. :) our ZL said that if the zone does good in these 2 areas then he will talk to president about paintballing :)

Something fun that happens here in caucaia is when it starts to rain the city will cut the power. i dont know why. it doesnt make sense to me. but that just means cold showers or really sweaty days. Our shower is electrical and the fans are too. This area is just full of new tricks for us. 

We moved houses today. to an area where the water cuts off frequently and its hotter than inferno. (it sounds better in portuguese) Oh ya we dont have a bed (just a mattress) or a fridge, a stove, our tables arent put together and i am hanging my stuff up on dismounted chairs. it should be a fun week. 

We are ´teaching´ a few people. First there is A Pa. She is a recent convert who is also less active. how that works i dont know. there was this guys who basically just talked her into being baptized and i dont even think he taught her everything. Saf. So i am reteaching her the lessons. the only problem is that she is kinda an air head so it gets a little hard at times. She is like 11. 

Also we had a lesson with is. He is like 45 and is budist. no... wait. he is reformed budist. so he believes in christ. I didnt even know that this existed but ok. Makes it a little easier for us to teach. He is reading the Book of Mormon. I dont know if its just for knowledge about the church or if he is really investigating. We´ll know the next time we go if he has prayed about these things or not. 

Thats about all i have to say this week. should i try some pictures?

Elder Sullivan

The cool looking bear i got from koby. thanks for being so thoughtful for my package for christmas bud.

From mom: in Koby's defense, he looked everywhere for a shirt with this logo that Kyson said he wanted. They were all sold out. Koby hates to shop, and I told him to just anything with that logo on it, cause Koby could not think of anything, or find anything to get for him. So, this is really mom's fault. Mom actually thinks this is a cute souvenir. PS. shipping is so expensive and so unpredictable, that we agreed that each boy would buy something for each other and ship it Brazil to Brazil and save their parents hundreds of dollars in shipping costs. Kyson got Koby some new shoes from the temple store and some other things.

(((PS. Mom just found out that those jersey's Kyson wants are like $50 on up on ebay. 
They cost the same in Brazil, so like $100 for those people.)))

the package i sent to koby. this is elder castilla. he drew captain moroni for me :)

My christmas dinner with my mom and dad for the night. (they met each other on the mission so they like to have the missionaries over for these kinds of things to make the homesickness not too bad). thats not even all the food. there is a table behind us with dessert :D

a sketchy bridge...

Look at what an elder bought for 3US$ here in brazil. He gave me a sip. I almost cried.

at the sitio where we had our ward christmas party

 elder s. oliveira,  elder alvarado. elder oyston.

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