Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan. 12, 2015 spaghetti fail

         Vontade de Deus   (Will of God)

Well, it wasnt the best week I have ever had but it was still good. 

This week we really got to see how we can do the will of God in our work. Really we dont have a choice. This happened everyday this week: we would start to follow our planner and have 5 or 6 appointments lined up. ALL OF THEM WOULD DROP. which is really annoying. We would then start to visit the other people on our list. When this happens I know that I need to be looking for someone to talk to cause there is someone out there waiting for us that needs the gospel. It ALWAYS works. This week we had this happen with Kel.

Kel has been reading the BoM a lot. Like we left her for a week and she said she read the 3 nephi 11 like 3 times and then started from the beginning. She is at 1 nephi 18. Like that never happens with us. We marked her to be baptized on the 31 of January. Should be cool to see her prepare :)

We also started to work more with the young men/women in the area to help them see what its like to serve a mission. This week we went with Jhen. She is really looking into going on a mission. We taught some of her friends already but yesterday she took us to her dads house. He really just denied it all. I think he is scared of what other people will think about him cause his family is really catholic. I will return there (without her) and burn him about fearing God more than man. and that he needs to read this book haha. 

Tal got a job that works on sundays. que porcaria. so now we have to get her a testimony thats really strong before we can get her to quit.

Btw dont trust missionary food. especially spagetti. we tried. we failed. it was really bad. lets leave it at that haha. Also dont try to make popcorn in a frying pan. it doesnt work. well it does... it just ends up on the floor or burnt. 

Yup thats about it. I'll try to keep it interesting this week with interviews with president and a service project. 
Should be cool. 

Boa Semana!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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