Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Apr. 6, 2015 Still sick and an American companion.

         Conference weekend

So this week we also didnt do too much. well like a lot of work that is. I was still sick at the beginning of the week and cause me and my companion are new at the ZL thing we were being trained by an assistant to the president. Well i really wasnt feeling good so sister del guerso sent me to the hospital. That was a fun 8 hours of waiting and getting home after midnight. We didnt even get our full training by the assistant but its all good. Turns out i only had an infection in my intestines. or something like that. all i know is that i took the medication and felt better. 

The next day we went to a leadership counsel. Also a blast cause there was a lot of debating and a lot of people pulling out the preach my gospel to prove their points and it was pretty entertaining to watch. I didnt say anything cause i am new and dont know anything haha. But we were able to see where we can help our zone and what points we need to do better. 

We did however get a little bit of work in. Thank goodness. We are working off a list of references that another missionary left. Most of them dont exist but a few do still. We found a 8 or 9 new investigators that have room to progress. I am excited for this week cause its a normalish week and we can do a FULL week of work :)

Then we had conference. That was good. I watched in english and got to feel the emotion in everyone of the speakers. I did however watch the preisthood in portuguese and that was right when the other brazillian spoke so i heard it live :) Its nice cause conference is like the missionary holiday. Just conference all day and being spiritually uplifted :) 

Ya but other than this that was all that happened this week. I really like my new companion. He is chill. Its great to have another american cause when you dont want others to understand or you want him to understand completely you can speak in english. He is really funny and i like him. He Has a good spirit about him and will help me become a better missionary. 

I love you all!
Elder Sullivan

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