Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apr. 20, 2015 cold showers out of a bucket, no power, and mosquitos galore

            No power, gas, or water

heres a cool pic of a  milk carton on the ground i saw when i was walking :)

This week has been really interesting. We have basically been living without any of these 3 things for a week, a day, and everyday during 12 and 6 pm.

Brazil kinda sucks for this reason. they are in a drought and dont know how to store enough water for the amount of people they have so..... they have to cut off the water to try to save it or prevent people from using it. Also our power bill hasnt been paid for about 3 months.. so that got cut off. apparently it was under a members name and it said that the power was included in the rent so nothing happened with it. So... we dont have fans at night (lots of mosquitos) we dont have a fridge that works, we cant charge our phone at our house, or iron our clothes, candles are our light and if we had a shower top (shower head?) we would have cold showers. but the cold shower is a normal thing for us now cause its been about 3 weeks without a warm shower. our water will shut off from the shower at 7 am so you have to get a bucket of water and a cup and dump the water over yourself to get clean. Thats also really fun let me tell you. ;)

On my birthday we did something really fun. we had a milk shake. haha well thats all we did during pday. then we went out to go work and visit members. when we got to the first members house she wasnt there... so Elder Williams said we were going home. we got home and a different sister had made a cake and we bought pizza ;) so it was a good birthday :)

birthday pizza. dominos and pool :)

birthday cake :)

We had interviews with President on wednesday and those were good. First one as a zone leader so he had a little more to tell me and to help us out. basically he told us its our zone and we can do with it what we please so... here we go :) 

oh and my zone. at the interviews.

An experience that happened this week was one day we were working and we got to a house where the lady was leaving. Well... I wasnt about to let her slip out of my hands like that. So i started to teach her about the restoration. I taught it REALLY fast. when i asked her if we could say a prayer she invited us in and asked us more questions. We said our prayer and it turned out to be a really cool lesson. We have another appointment with her tonight :)

So ya thats about it for this week. I hope youre all well and healthy and not missing any power.. or gas... or water... cause it really stinks haha. 

Élder Sullivan

an american from oakland who has 2 things any american would die for!

and they have dominos here :) that pizza was expensive but worth it :)
 (the member gave money for lunch)
 (also the kfc in the background ;) )

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 12:33 PM, Koby Sullivan <koby sullivan> wrote:
I see your mission and realize that my mission has nothing....

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 12:34 PM, Kyson Sullivan <kyson sullivan> wrote: 
yes that would describe your mission perfectly haha
On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 12:34 PM, Kyson Sullivan <kyson sullivant> wrote:
in that same place theres a mcdonalds, and a burger king, and a subway :)

a freaking pink limo that was really really ugly. it had eye lashes too. 
it was for a little girls birthday party... haha

and a cool looking spider :)

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