Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apr. 13, 2015 It's my Birthday!!!

          Its my Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me! im 21 now and that doesnt mean anything here in brazil cause you can drink when youre 18... so its just another birthday! (not that im planning on drinking haha ;) )

This week was fun. I almost bible bashed the crap out of this guy but the spirit told me not to so we just left. that was really fun to get rialed up like that :) Something thats not so fun is blistered feet. its always a bandaid and duck tape to try to ease the pain. they are going away but they always come back. i just cut off a bunch of caloused skin to see if that would help with the blisters. One more thing thats awesome is that we have been taking a cold shower for about 2 weeks now. our shower broke and we just have a pipe sticking out of our wall that cold water comes out of. so its pretty nice. wake up and get in a cold shower ;)

This week we did a lot better than the last. we found a lot of new investigators but no one worth mentioning yet. We are trying to talk with everyone and something cool happens when we do this. most of our new inv. have invited us in without us asking. then we teach and they ask questions and thats usually a good sign of someone who wants to enter the church. so this should be pretty cool to see if they actually want to progress and go to church and what not. 

I love this gospel and i love being a missionary. I love these people and although sometimes after lunch its hard to get up and get working i love serving them everyday :) 

I love you guys too! always remember that! :)

Elder Sullivan

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