Monday, April 27, 2015

Apr. 27, 2015 Ahhhhh, the Amish Life!

         11 months and amish living

Well im gettin to that point where i can start going down the hill right? haha So some things have happened this week both good and bad. pretty interesting how that happens right?

Our power still hasnt come back yet. That really sucks. We dont have a washing machine, microwave, fridge, phone charger, hot shower, or light. just some really basic things. If youve ever tried living like an amish youll know what im talking about. So this week we went to the other missionaries house about an hour away from our house to wash and iron all of our clothes. we were there all day. But its amazing how their house seemed like a resort haha. A hot shower and clean clothes can really change your perspective on life haha. 

This week was the first week i ate at McDonalds on my mission. Dont worry they didnt change anything. Its the same crappy food that tastes amazing that they have in the states. Its a little more expensive though.. i paid 21.50 R$ for a big mac with fries and a drink. but it was definitely worth it. 

On last Pday we went to Villa-Lobos. and went roller blading. If thats not the gayest thing you and your companion could do. It actually turned out pretty cool cause we found some other missionaries there and we had a lot of fun. I did try to do a pretty amazing trick and jump a crack and i ended up on my butt. But that was the worst that happened. 

Our brazillian roommates have really been hating on me recently. Ever since the emergency transfer, they have been pretty annoying. I just go to my room and try to keep away from it. then they exploded at me and asked me why i didnt like them. I told them that they kept glaring at me and i didnt like that and that when i dont like someone i prefer that they go away. so i went away to keep them happy. When i told them that they kept quiet cause it was pretty true. we got a division in our area again and so now we are a lot better friends. Also one of them will be transfered this week so that should help. 

This week on friday i will be able to hear Elder Christofferson talk to my mission at the MTC. Live :) Should be pretty legit and pretty spiritual. I mean i live in Utah but ive never seen an apostle in real life before so this should be pretty cool to participate in this (and not have to have a translater ;) )

we had a pretty cool lesson where the investigators were actually interpretting the scriptures right and were understanding everything we were saying. it was really awesome. One of the girls that was there was actually a friend of the other. when we went to get her address she doesnt live in our area. that was kinda disappointing cause she was searching for a church and was confused with the others. She will get baptized for sure :)

So i ran out of things to talk about. Have a good week and dont get dengue. (DANE-gee)
Elder Kyson Sullivan

We have a water shortage in São Paulo right now 
but that wont stop the Lords work from moving forward. 

filling up the font with buckets man!

and the ways we invented filling them up.

thats a fridge shelf. :)

and an eraser with a sacrament cup haha

My zone. :)

oh and my companion had a baptism in his last ward. that was fun :)

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