Monday, December 14, 2015

Oct. 27, 2015 gus is golden


Well... I've hit my 6 month mark. That's kinda surprising. It kinda came around the corner quicker than i thought it would. that makes me a little nervous to know that here in a bit I'll be home with you guys. I'll give a little hint to you all. I wont get another mothers day haha ;)

This week was... well... it was super stressful. I have rejected the calling now to be the full time pianist for whatever event needs piano. its taking up too much of my valuable time. taking out a night for the choir and the practice time for the primary and the sacrament meetings I don't have time to go and teach people. of course i can try to keep playing but this week it kinda screwed us over. Ill explain..

So we found this teenager about a month ago.. no.. just 3 weeks ago. he was marked to be baptized this weekend. But this weekend i was asked to play the piano. Normally we would have gone and looked for him and took him to church on time. but we couldn't cause i was at the piano.. and i couldn't just get up and leave... So... my companion after the sacrament took a brother with a car and went and got him. So about 40 min late the meeting that would have been on time. That really isn't the problem. The problem is bishop. Gustavo came in with a nose piercing (which has nothing to do with what we teach) and bishop is COMPLETELY against piercings. Like he has already expulsed a different teen from the church cause he didn't want to take his out. yes.. expulsed. This bishop has been a source of problems for a while but never really messed with the baptisms. When gus came in, bishop came over and said that he isn't converted and that the bishopric doesn't support the baptism. (he was telling us by attacking us) we had 2 options. go ahead and baptize (he was ready to do that but the bishop probably would have attacked him about the piercing too. expulsing our recent convert) or wait a week and teach him things that have nothing to do with the gospel basics such as piercings and get a little more support. We opted to wait a week but told bishop that the piano will have to be cut so we can help him get to church on time. It will be better cause his brother will get baptized as well :) They are excited and after a good lesson with him yesterday he took out his piercing fine and without any arguments :) This dude really is converted. he is super chill too. Way prepared by the lord and super sincere! (btw he passed the interview really well from what i heard)

Being a zone leader is fun. It keeps you on your toes for sure haha. We are planning on how to make the zone baptize every week in the month and how we can get 10 baptisms each month in the zone. its a great challenge and uses a lot of teamwork and a lot of planning and strategy. I hate thinking of the people as numbers but really I feel like im playing a strategy game of who will be baptized and how I can help that along so it doesn't fall. Its great! also fixing problems and helping out wards is not too easy. We are trying to fix one now but its being a little more difficult. We have a great vision of whats going on and what needs to take place. The hardest part is finding time... haha. I've been a zone leader now for about 9 months. Crazy to think that I've come this far since then. Its been a great learning experience and good to learn to work in a team/group. 

We went to the temple today and that was a great experience. We were able to feel the spirit strongly and have a good session. That's why Pday is today and wasn't yesterday. 

This next week has some promises. A couple baptisms, lots of lessons, and french toast with maple syrup and root beer floats.  haha :) 

Elder Kyson Sullivan

p.s. i forgot my camera at home so next week will have lots of pictures :)

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