Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec. 21, 2015 Christmas in Caucaia ...again. He loves this place

         Rumors at Christmas time

Hey guys... this week was pretty eventful so lets see if we can't sum it up. 

Talk about everyone trunky... like the whole week. On Wednesday we had our mission Christmas party and that was pretty fun. we went back to Caucaia and we had a fun time at the church's sítio. President went a little overboard with the children's play toys but it was still good.

(sorry im not in the pics mom but i was just getting some pics to remember what was here)



wet soccer....? there was soap on the court so it was slippery

and a mechanical bull

there are about 180 missionaries in my mission..

and a ton of packages (p.s. thanks Aunt Kristin!!! I got the package :) )

Lots of my good friends went home this weekend. My ex-companion Elder Williams, Elder Gshwend, and Elder Carvalho. These next few transfers are going to be super weird seeing a bunch of people leave. 

(that is not who is in this picture btw)

Thursday we went back to the temple to get references for the mission.. so we sit out front and do contacts with everyone and basically try to pull out their address without looking desperate... well.. the record was broken again... 

It really wasn't fair. We had the assistants and zone leaders so like... if we wouldn't have broken the record it would have been embarrassing... he is dead cause that was his last day of the mission. He is home now.... haha

We have a transfer coming up this week. So Next week ill be leaving Pirajussara. The rumors are that ill be going to the mission office as the AP. We´ll see what happens. I will only know on Sunday...

We also had our ward Christmas program this week. It was on Saturday.. Im super bummed cause we spent the entire day fixing stupid problems in the zone. We had to go get a planner, do a baptismal interview that didn't happen cause they weren't home, fill up a baptismal font that Satan emptied and also talk to everyone at the party. man i was stressin that day. but at least we got dinner and a few contacts :) 

At least the week ended finally with a really great baptism of Edina and a couple that the other elders were working with. Its just that... Satan really hates us... We had filled up the font Sunday morning and it was ready for that afternoon. We had our meeting and right as we went to do the baptism... the font was empty.. someone had pulled the plug on our baptism!!!!!!! I HATE SATAN!!!!!!!!!! We then took it into our hands and had every faucet in the chapel turned on to fill up buckets to fill up the font faster... about 45 minutes of waiting later... They got baptized. :) Take that Satan!!! 

Alright so that was this week. sorry it was so long but a lot had happened! 

Merry Christmas!!!! :) 

Elder Kyson Sullivan

Even the buses are celebrating :) 

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