Monday, December 14, 2015

Nov. 16, 2015 no transfer for me this time

         6 months in Pirajussara

It's the transfer week and i didn't get transferred! that means the white Christmas is going to happen! :) This area is super good and im super happy that president left me here to enjoy the blessings :) My companion was telling me that i would leave the entire week. I told him that i wouldn't. I started to believe him a little towards the end and started getting trunky for my next area. I only have 4 more transfers so that's good. only one more area after i leave this one :) 

Not much really happened this week. We are still trying to find families. its getting kinda hard. We did 162 contacts trying to find them but its becoming a challenge. I feel like my companion is almost scaring them away... he is like super righteous and doesn't really like being friends with anyone. And when i try to talk about things other than the gospel i feel like he thinks im a fubeca cause im not "doing my purpose".  So that's kinda annoying. but he does a lot of contacts. Just one more transfer haha ;)

Really just running around is what happened. We´re looking forward to a baptism this weekend with Marina. She is a lady who a member kinda introduced us. He said "hey elders!" then left. Hes the godfather of the granddaughter of this lady. She is super special and already has a testimony. its been super cool working with her and seeing her progress. :)

That's all for this week. here's a normal view of Brazil in the favela.... look at the pastors house next to the church haha

lots of love!

Elder Sullivan

the last zone

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